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08/04/2021 - 08:49

Logically tapping the service tourism streets around Dai Noi

The streets around Dai Noi (the Royal Palace) are under completion and renovation to suit the formation of the walking and service exploitation space.

Le Huan Street has many services; the change will more or less affect the people and business households, so the logical propaganda and transformation are required.

Manifesting Hue’s characteristics

The story of service tourism - tourism exploitation on the streets of August 23, Doan Thi Diem, Le Huan, Dang Thai Than was mentioned over the past 10 years, but until now that target has been concretized. The streets are renovated, the sidewalks widened with the height lowered, new bricks paved and more trees planted... The four streets should have brought into play their strengths earlier than the existing pedestrian streets on the south bank of the present Huong River.

The provincial leaders repeatedly underlined that the finalized renovation not only beautifies the city but also starts a period of tourism service exploitation to attract tourists, creating livelihood for the people. In the long run, the completion of the service, operation model will create new products and brands with great attraction to draw domestic and international tourists.

Hue City People's Committee is making the project, plan, model of operation and exploitation. In the short run, the night pedestrian street will be piloted alongside the service exploitation at Le Huan Street axis (Thuan Hoa Ward), and then the model will be developed on 4 other streets. Hue City is determined to exploit the service on Le Huan Street prior to the 2021 Traditional Craft Festival.

According to the experts, the operation model on Le Huan Street must go hand in hand with the architecture and space by Dai Noi

Mr. Dong Si Toan, Head of the Economic Department of Hue City said that the city is currently surveying and consulting the relevant agencies about the operation model. In our view, the pedestrian street formation should be combined with the exploitation by night; its operation is piloted on weekends. There will be the different functional subdivisions. Therefore, the types of business on the street will be selected, arranged accordingly, which both manifests Hue’s characteristics and offers the benefits to the households living and doing business on the street.

Mr. Dinh Manh Thang, Chairman of Tourism Association, analyzed unlike Pham Ngu Lao - Chu Van An - Vo Thi Sau pedestrian routes and Nguyen Dinh Chieu pedestrian route, Le Huan pedestrian street and later on, 4 other streets around Dai Noi must have the differences of their own.

Here, with such space and architecture, the most suitable is cultural – heritage space; Hue's famous types of intangible culture  need to be manifested, displayed and  performed here. Additionally, some traditional dishes such as bánh (Hue’s traditional cakes), chè (sweetened porridge made of glutinous rice, bean...) from the street vendors will show the traditional characteristic.

Seeking the proper model

According to the experts, the pedestrian route opening combined with service exploitation is necessary, but importantly, how should be carried out and what model should be taken so that the pedestrian streets will not be made to “overeat”?  This is because Hue is known as the destination with quite a few pedestrian streets and paths.

It is common knowledge that Le Huan Street is also dubbed the "coffee street" of Hue. In addition, here, there have taken shape the shops of souvenirs, specialties, ao dai, even traditional Hue food and so on, which are advantageous for the pedestrian street to operate with available services. However, a question posed is with these available services, upon being tapped, whether the street formed can manifest the difference and characteristics of Hue.

Mr. Le Ngoc Sanh, Head of the Office of the Department of Tourism, said that whatever we do, for that pedestrian street to be effective in the long term, we need to connect with the people. The people are the subjects exploiting and serving tourism. The people themselves are the products and components to attract tourists with their pace of life and personality.

According to the experts, no matter what the operation model is, the first factor to determine is that the service need to be appropriate to the architecture and space where Le Huan Street is next to Dai Noi. Therefore, at the public suggestion, above all, services must go hand in hand with the royal culture.

What is rustic and traditional should be selected to exploit. Here, there is no need to be sophisticated, original as in Dai Noi, but there will be some changes in accordance with the actual exploitation.

In the long run, Dai Noi by night should be re-exploited and connected with the surrounding streets. Rest stops, toilets or transport services in the pedestrian streets should be taken into account; tourists cannot walk many kilometers to experience, visit all routes and destinations.

Mr. Hoang Van Khanh, Director of Vietravel - Hue Branch offered the suggestion that the heritage sites in the streets need to be opened for the heritage to interact with tourists, the public and revive the old activities.

“Many types of business are likely to be shifted to suit the functional subdivision planning on Le Huan pedestrian street. From the local perspective, despite the changes, it is our desire that opening the pedestrian street is toward the economic development and livelihood creation for the people,” said Mr. Hoang Giang Thanh, Chairman of Thuan Hoa Ward People's Committee.

Story and photos: QUANG SANG