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25/10/2021 - 14:12

Mandarin’s hat of Nguyen Dynasty to be auctioned in Spain

The Invaluable auction house in Barcelona (Spain) is preparing to auction the most intact hat ever of a civil mandarin of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Hat of Nguyen Dynasty mandarin with its box. Photo: Invaluable auction house

The hat dates back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and comes with a gilded wooden hat box.

According to a researcher, this is a beautiful and intact hat of a Nguyen Dynasty mandarin. From the images of two dragons on the wings of the mandarin’s hat, the chrysanthemum and the smallest motifs on the hat,... to the hat box, all are very beautiful with intricate carvings.

The starting price offered by the auction house is 500-600 euros. The official auction will be opened at 4pm on October 28 on the website However, until the afternoon of October 24, the price was pushed up to 25,000 euros after 25 bids.

Some antiquity collectors in Hue have also participated in the auction of this hat with the wish to bring back the precious antique of the Nguyen Dynasty.

By Minh Hien