Culture Festival

26/04/2018 - 08:13

Many experts to attend workshop on Hue royal and folk cuisine

This was the information given at the press conference on an international scientific workshop on Hue royal and folk cuisine.

The Organizing Committee of the workshop exchanges information at the press conference

Accordingly, the culinary workshop themed "Promoting - Developing - Combining with tourism to reach out to the world" will officially take place on 29 April in Hue city. This activity is held within the framework of Hue Festival 2018, agreed by the Provincial People's Committee and the Festival Organization Board.

This international workshop attracts hundreds of scientists, scholars, researchers, artisans, professional chefs, etc. from many countries in the world such as Thailand, Japan, the US, Laos, Indonesia, Taiwan (China), France, Switzerland, Singapore and Vietnam.

The workshop will discuss issues in affirming the elite values of Hue cuisine, Hue cuisine with business and training strategies, and Hue cuisine with the activities of museums and research. Particularly, it will focus on open suggestions and discussions on the ways and methods of exploiting and promoting the values of Hue cuisine via tourism, conservation and research as an object, and a unique and characteristic product.

In the workshop agenda, there is a gala experience of Hue cuisine - Vietnamese cuisine, exhibitions and performances, with 100 court and folk dishes.

Story and photo: Phan Thanh