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16/04/2018 - 11:52

Many Novelties at the “Countryside Market in the Festival”

That information is given by Nguyen Phuong Toan, Head of the Huong Thuy Town Department of Culture and Information. Along with the other two programs “Huong Xua Lang Co” (Old Flavors of Ancient Village) at Phong Dien District and “Song Nuoc Tam Giang” (Tam Giang Waves) at Quang Dien District, the “Cho Que Ngay Hoi" (Countryside Market in the Festival) gives a vivid picture of the traditional rural cultural life at Hue Festival 2018.

 Boat race on the Như Ý River

The “Countryside Market in the Festival” is one of the traditional programs going hand in hand with the Hue festivals held in the cultural space of the village of Thuy Thanh Commune, Huong Thuy Town.

Today’s Thuy Thanh, formerly Thanh Toan Village, has been developed and named since 1558 by the 12 earliest settlers accompanying the Nguyen Hoang Lord to Thuan Hoa land. With the age-old cultural tradition, Thuy Thanh is preserving many unique cultural values: Thanh Toan Tile Bridge, Ton That Thuyet Worship Palace, Van The Village Communal House, Thanh Thuy Chanh Village Communal House, the system of forefather temples, Bai Choi festival (Vietnamese version of Bingo), etc.

This is also the destination for many visitors who wish to mix with nature, or experience the same activities with the locals in a peaceful rural land.

As a traditional activity, the “Countryside Market in the Festival” of Hue Festival 2018 continues to be a space imbued with the cultural identity and typical images of the rural daily life such as going the market, trading on the river,  bailing water with a bucket, raising a fishing net, fishing, making palm-leaf conical hats and so on. This is also a chance for the locals to proudly introduce their local foods with a wide variety of chè (sweet dish made of glutinous rice, corn or bean) like chè bắp (chè with corn), chè hạt sen (chè with lotus seeds), chè đậu ván (chè with French beans), and Hue traditional delicacies like bánh bèo (thin, round- shaped cake made from rice flour), bánh nậm (rice-flour flat dumpling with a prawn and pork mince filling), bánh lọc (tapioca dumpling with a filling of belly pork and prawn), bánh ít gai (sweet dumpling made of Gai leaf and mung bean), bánh phu thê (coconut leaf-packed sweet cake made of tapioca, coconut and mung bean for the wedding ceremonies) bánh canh cá rô – cá lóc( rice noodle soup cooked with fish), etc.

For the Thuy Thanh’s rural market days not to be boring on account of the repeated year- to-year traditional activities, the “Countryside Market in the Festival” at Hue Festival 2018 will have more novelties. Besides, the organization will also be more methodical and professional.

According to Nguyen Phuong Toan, built on the fun activities like the previous years, the “Countryside Market in the Festival” at Hue Festival 2018 continues to be expanded with the space for displaying ornamental plants, opening night markets, Áo dài shows, and upgrading Bai Choi festival to deserve to be the World Intangible Cultural Heritage.

"All the light and the image will be also changed compared to the previous years. In particular, instead of being an independent construction in the common space, this year, Thanh Toan Tile Bridge will become the background for the main stage during the festival.

Also, with the great support from the Hue Festival Center, the “Countryside Market in the Festival" will have an additional Áo dài festival ( a festival of  traditional Vietnamese female costumes, worn with trousers, covering the body from the neck to the knees), and Huong Thuy Town will also has the option to select the art program performed by the international delegations in step with the space and life of Thuy Thanh people," Mr. Toan added.

In the province’s haste for the Hue Festival 2018, Huong Thuy Town is also active in its many-sided readiness for the “Countryside Market in the Festival " from boosting  socialization  to  publicity and propaganda in order that Thuy Thanh may become an entertaining destination for those who desire to discover and experience the countryside market in the festive season.

When asked about the upcoming Hue Festival, Ms Nguyen Thi Kình, who is called “an expert" in composing poems about Thanh Toan Tile Bridge, said cheerfully, “All ready. I join in Hò giã gạo (Singing while pounding rice). How joyful it is.” Then she sang with occasional coughs, “Stepping on Thanh Toan Tile Bridge at twilight/ I hear the birds singing in solitude/And view the Nhu Y River flowing downstream/ How lovely the bridge is!” Finishing her song, she did not forget to say, “Remember to come to the ‘Countryside Market.’ Lots of attractions are awaiting you.”

Story and photo: Dong Van