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07/03/2021 - 19:23

Many options for travel on 8/3

The International Women's Day (March 8) this year takes place on Monday, so destinations and travel companies have launched many programs to attract visitors this weekend.

Many destinations in the province are chosen by tourists for their outing on the occasion of International Women's Day.

(Visitors "checking in" on the Half-moon bridge at Ben Me on March 6)

Many destinations in the province are chosen

According to the Department of Tourism, in previous years, tourists had many choices to travel in the year, but this year the pandemic causes the demand to change. Many tourists will choose to travel immediately when having the opportunity. Many people book a tour in the morning, they hit the road in the afternoon instead of booking a week in advance as before.

In addition, many travel companies and destinations want to take advantage of the times of holidays and New Year to implement promotions to attract customers. Therefore, this year's International Women's Day, many destinations have attracted visitors.

Like many previous holidays during the epidemic period, leisure travel destinations are still the most chosen. The trend of choosing a vacation near home, associated with the sea, at reasonable prices is "taking the throne".

Foreseeing this trend, Laguna Lang Co applies program that each resort guest only need to pay about 700 thousand VND. Another beach resort option near Hue City which is popular and informed "full" this weekend is the Lapochine Beach Resort (Thuan An), when this resort applies a vacation price of 750 thousand VND / person and includes some services for women.

Besides sea tourism, resorts associated with mountains and forests are also selected by guests. At Alba Thanh Tan Hot Springs, visitors can experience relaxation activities, health care, with the program "Detox and purify the body".

Closer, located right in Hue city, tourists would choose the Pilgrim Village Resort, Hue Ecolodge resort, etc. There are special promotions for female tourists. According to the forecast of the Department of Tourism, particularly, the resorts account for 60% of the total number of guests staying in the province on this March 8.

Tourists enjoying unique cuisine in the mountainous district of A Luoi on March 6

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thanh, Deputy Director of Dai Bang Tourism Joint Stock Company, said that since the Tan Suu Lunar New Year, the company has "launched" 44 tours to the market to exploit tourists on the occasion of March 8; of which, more than 50% of tours are in the province. Destinations apply many price reduction programs, so the tour price is also reduced correspondingly from 30% to 50%. Therefore, on March 6, a day is considered the "boom" of the company since the outbreak until now when more than 200 guests book tours.

Destinations in A Luoi, Phong Dien, Tam Giang, Bach Ma, Lang Co ... were selected the most. In addition, destinations near Da Nang and Hoi An are also selected by guests with a 2-day-1-night tour.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism, said that there are many attractive and free "check-in" destinations in Hue for all ages and all genders when coming here on weekends and on the International Women’s Day March 8.

Hue Royal Palace and the mausoleums are offering special preferential policies for free admission for those wearing traditional Vietnamese ao dai. Thanh Toan tiled-roof bridge, cultural relic - artistic architectural, has been restored quite eye-catchingly. Tourists can come to "check in" both day and night. Or, on the two sides of the Huong River, there are also many highlights for tourists to have fun on the occasion of March 8.

Momentum for the new phase

Visitors and residents can choose the heritage sites to visit on March 8 because tickets are free of charge for tourists and people wearing ao dai from March 6 to 8.

March 8 is the period when some destinations such as YesHue Eco - Mo Waterfall in Nam Dong, Bach Ma Village Tourist Area in Phu Loc are open to welcome visitors again after a period of closing due to pandemic and weather.

Representative of Bach Ma Village Tourist Area said that after a period of re-operation, this is also the time when the destination completes the service, recruits staff to prepare for the peak period of summer tourism season. The main tourist market in the tourist area will be in Hue and some neighboring localities; so, services such as transportation, discounts, and some additional incentives are required to increase competitiveness.

Mr. Le Ngoc Sanh, Chief of Office of the Department of Tourism analyzed, that the abnormality of the pandemic causes the needs of tourists to change. Through the tourism demand stimulus on March 8, Hue tourism industry will have an assessment and determine the correct tourist market this summer and during the period when international visitors cannot come to Hue to have suitable stimulus programs, attracting customers, shortening recovery time. This is a perfect momentum for the industry to orient the construction of new route tours, linking a number of destinations to increase diversity and attractiveness for Hue tourism.

Tourism businesses expect that the increase of tourists booking outgoing tours is a good sign of the Hue tourism industry at the beginning of the new year, adding motivation for workers in the smokeless industry to deploy many tours and services to get them recovered as soon as possible.

Story and photos: Duc Quang