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27/09/2019 - 14:12

Meeting on the historical novel about "Dowager Queen Tu Du"

The meeting on the historical novel about " Dowager Queen Tu Du" by Tran Thuy Mai, the writer, was co-organized by the Women's Publishing House with the Institute of Development Research, the Provincial General Library and took place on September 26. It was an event to promote and introduce Hue history and culture through the image of Dowager Queen Tu Du.

Researcher Tran Dinh Hang highly appreciated the novel "Dowager Queen Tu Du"

The novel "Dowager Queen Tu Du" is a saga with 69 chapters and can be considered as a rare historical novel in contemporary literature which portrays the conflicts in the royal quarters of the Nguyen Dynasty. The work is a passionate novel by Tran Thuy Mai, a female author, with a pure Vietnamese style and a cinematic storyline, vividly attractive from beginning to end.

The author chose the royal quarters as the background to tell the long-life story of one of the most famous empresses in Vietnamese history: Pham Thi Hang, the Wife major of Emperor Thieu Tri, who later became known as the famously kind and virtuous Dowager Queen Tu Du. The novel spans 30 years, through the reigns of three emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty: Gia Long, Minh Mang and Thieu Tri.

In the mysterious forbidden palace, the love of the young Pham lady and Prince Mien Tong (later Emperor Thieu Tri) emerged innocent, romantic and faithful, despite many obstacles and difficulties.

On this occasion, the Provincial Institute of Development Research, together with community groups, introduced the project "Hue open book - Open a book, open the future" and exchanged talks and promoted the reading movement.

This project started from the "Well-read Hue – Clean Hue" initiative which has the desire to bring books to young people and build a reading culture in Thua Thien Hue with the view: open books - open minds - open the future.

By Trang Hien