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03/07/2020 - 08:31

Momentum for the economy of Thua Thien Hue

At a recent meeting with the Ministry of Science and Technology, the orientation to develop Thua Thien Hue towards a major science and technology center of the country has been discussed in order to effectively implement a number of major tasks to carry out the Politburo’s Resolution 54-NQ/TW.

Mr. Ho Thang - Vice Director in charge, Department of Science and Technology

For a better understanding of the progress of science and technology over the past time and upcoming solutions to create momentum for the provincial economy in the future, Thua Thien Hue Weekly had aninterview with Mr. Ho Thang, Vice Director in charge of the Department Science and Technology.

Regarding science and technology, what are the advantages of Thua Thien Hue? Have we "turned" those potentialities into a driving force for the economic development yet?

We have a pretty good foundation, which is a system of universities, colleges, high schools. Many institutes, sub-institutes and research centers of ministries and central branches have been established in the province...

The system of advanced science and technology centers was established and upgraded, including Hue International Hospital, Cardiovascular Center, Oncology Center, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Center, Drug - Cosmetic - Food Quality Control Center, Advanced Science and Technology Information and Application Center, Quality Assurance and Testing Center, Smart City Monitoring and Control Center...

In addition to 27 science and technology organizations operating in the province, the department has mobilized to establish 3 new science and technology enterprises and oriented to vigorously support the establishment of similar enterprises in the future.

Thua Thien Hue has a strong intellectual force with diverse training majors. The province ranks the third in the country regarding the number of intellectuals with academic titles and degrees.

From that foundation, scientific and technical advances have been applied in agriculture, especially the high-tech agriculture. There has been more active involvement of enterprises in R&D, developing and applying advanced quality management systems, ensuring the metrology and quality, getting access to invention information, developing intellectual properties and innovative startups...

The high-tech agriculture model is growing in Thua Thien Hue

The provincial has paid special attention to the application of information technology in building smart urban services, e-government and improving the provincial index of readiness for Information and Communications Technology application (ICT). The provincial Center for Information Technology (HueCIT) has become a member of Quang Trung Software City chain...

What policies has the province had to support the startup activities in Hue?

The province is developing an innovative start-up ecosystem in association with the Co do Start-Up Project. Innovative start-up activities are encouraged to combine with business start-up. Selected potential start-up ideas should receive supporting policies such as innovative start-up projects.

We have had supports to start-up innovation in businesses, including the synchronous deployment of support policies for premises, credit through unsecured loans, access to loans and preferential interest rates, investment capital calling, branding and market developing...

In addition, we have established a legal framework for venture investment activities, developed a startup ecosystem, ensured a safe and lawful business environment for venture investors, introducedregulations to encourage the establishment of investment companies and venture capital funds for innovative start-ups, and tax exemption and reduction policies for investment in innovative start-ups.

Currently, many flagship products under the Hue brand have not been protected yet. Why and what solutions does the department have to solve this problem soon?

The protection of a trademarked product must go through a process with strict requirements.

The promulgation of a set of criteria for selecting flagship products and a solution framework to support the development of the flagship product value chain in the province is one of the foundation for sectors and localities to develop their plans to support and develop the provincial flagship products.

A number of flagship products under the Hue brand have been promptly created, managed and developed, such as Hue cajeput oil, Thanh tra Hue (Hue’s pomelo), Hue - The gastronomy capital, Bun Bo Hue (Hue Beef Noodles), the tourist destination of “Huong xua lang co Phuoc Tich” (the ancient scent - Phuoc Tich ancient village), and collective brands such as Sen Hue (Hue’s lotus seed), Hue - the capital of Ao Dai...

At a recent meeting with the Ministry of Science and Technology, the orientation to develop Thua Thien Hue towards a major science and technology center of the country has been discussed. So, what are Thua Thien Hue’s characteristics in comparison to other big major science and technology centers of the country, such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang? Could you elaborate the key solutions to achieve that goal?

Building Thua Thien Hue towards a science and technology center is inseparable from intensive medical and education-training centers and science-technology organizations. Developing the science and technology potentiality must be associated with the development of Hue University’s and Hue Central Hospital’s potentialities. And, science and technology development has to be promoted in accordance with the market mechanism.

As I have mentioned, Hue is having a number of distinctive flagship products. Application of science and technology in developing those products will create different products.

It is now essential to promote cooperation, research and application of science and technology, research works, striving to have regional scientific and technological product and prioritize the support for commercialization of research results; to focus on building professional, dynamic and creative human resources, and to create the most favorable environment to support businesses’ involvement in science and technology research, application and transfer...

The province will continue to improve its mechanisms and policies and promulgate a number of specific and practical policies to support science and technology sector.

Thank you!