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09/12/2020 - 14:57

Nacre tree No. 13 and heritage of ancient trees

The ancient nacre tree in front of Nguyen Hoang Bus Station, which fell in the storm No. 13, has been replanted in a position inside the park. That good news is widely shared online with the thanks as if someone in distress was saved.

Nacre tree No. 13 several months ago

In the previous days, the image of the fallen ancient nacre tree interested a lot of people with great regret. Please do not be quick to say that Hue people are emotional and feel pity for the tree as if they felt pity for the fallen.

If you look at the ancient nacre tree with the 100-year-old trunk equal to the size of several human arms, uprooted on the side of the road, then look again at the image of the tree, which stood there for years, had a firm shape and was as beautiful as a bonsai, you will understand why so many people mourn for the tree!

Doctor Nguyen Vo Hinh, who regularly posts the beautiful photos of Hue every morning and afternoon, is also the person who took the photo of the nacre tree No. 13 a few months ago.

"It is still known that when people or trees get old, they have to die out. However, that the storm No. 13 knocked down the ancient nacre tree No. 13 left a void in Hue people’s heart." Dr. Hinh shared his heart with the ancient nacre tree. You can see such heart-to-heart words on the social networking sites in bygone days. That nacre tree has become “the character of storm No. 13" not only because of the coincidence of number 13 but also because of Hue people's concern over the ancient trees - part of the valuable legacy of this heritage city  that has passed away in turn after each storm.

After the storm No. 13, it was uprooted

After the storm No. 5, Hue green trees have become the burning topic on every newspaper, every forum, and especially the forums about Hue. This shows more clearly how the position of green trees and, by extension, of nature is important to Hue City.

Of course, green trees are important to every city, and it's not just Hue people who love green trees and value ancient trees. However, indeed, Hue people’s love for trees still has a different nuance.

Only in Hue, there has been the custom of allowing trees to be in mourning for the homeowners. When someone in the house passes away, the trees in the garden are also tied with a white mourning band. Standing in front of the ancient tree, the family members show respect as before their ancestors.

In his note for "Flowers and Fruit around Me", writer Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong summed up, "Perhaps nature has played a certain, really important role in creating what can be called "Hue identity".

and is now replanted

Back to the nacre tree No. 13. I arrived at the scene as soon as I heard that this ancient tree had fallen. According to the people living around Nguyen Hoang Bus Station, this nacre tree got to old age, but its trunk and branches remained very strong, and its canopy covered the whole street.

About 7- 8 years ago, the tree was pruned by the Green Tree Park Center, so it stood firm during many storms and winds, and thanks to its stability, the canopy grew more. It is said that if the tall branches were pruned before storm No. 13, the wind would not be able to knock down the tree.

The ancient nacre on Nguyen Truong To Street (in front of Hue Medical College) stays safe in many storms thanks to being pruned years ago. The two ancient nacre trees in front of Azerai La Residence Hotel (5 Le Loi) have also been unharmed thanks to the large, leafy canopy that was pruned and did not challenge the storm...

It remains to be seen how the nacre tree No. 13 will be like, and hopefully, the tree will regenerate in the popular expectation. Anyhow, the decision by Hue Green Park Center to replant the tree is also a notable effort.

From the story of the nacre tree No. 13, it can be seen that in order for Hue to truly be a green city, a heritage city, it is needful to cherish each green tree, take care of each ancient tree. Just like the ancient citadel, mausoleums, temples and pagodas, the ancient trees have been Hue cultural heritage. The ancient trees have existed not only on streets, in parks, in monuments but also in many communal houses, village temples, ancestral temples precincts, garden houses... According to the Green Tree Park Center, Hue currently has more than 600 valuable ancient trees (managed by this center) that need to be conserved.