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15/08/2019 - 07:56

Nam Dong - an attractive ecotourism destination

It is the judgment expressed by tourism businesses when they experience the tourism products in Nam Dong (a mountainous district of Thua Thien Hue, which is around 50km away to the southwest of Hue city) in the middle of July 2019.

Enjoying clean guavas right at the garden

Being eligible for building tour

The most appreciated condition is transportation infrastructure. The La Son – Tuy Loan Highway is about to come into operation with the crossroad to Nam Dong is an advantage to attract tourists to this district.

As for staying, there is Mo Waterfall resort (Huong Phu) in Nam Dong with the scale of dozens of uniquely designed rooms, reaching the 3-star standard. This is the second condition to serve over-night staying tourists. The landscape in Nam Dong is compared to that of in the mountainous Northwestern region, making it more likely to increase the ability to attract tourists to experience the new things.

Mrs. Duong Thi Cong Ly, Deputy Chairman of Tourism Association, Director of Ha Noi Tourism Joint Stock Company – Hue Branch said that the tourist destinations in Nam Dong are very close to each other, the roads to the villages are clean with roadside green trees, which are considered as the potential for the development of bicycle cycling tours. Not only does Nam Dong have community-based ecotourism, but it also has agricultural production models that can combine with tourism development, helping tourists experience working as farmers, going fishing for relaxing, and buying agricultural products.

Mr. Le Hong Thuy, Director of Vietnam Locals One Member Co., Ltd evaluated that Doi commune (Thuong Lo) has its own characteristics meeting the demand of tourists, especially international tourists. As soon as they get to the place, they are warmly welcomed by local people wearing traditional costumes. They also have the chance to enjoy, exchange with indigenous people and enjoy the parties full of specialties of Co Tu and Nam Dong people.

Another business highly appreciated the traffic to Nam Dong. According to this business, the highway connects Da Nang to Nam Dong, and Nam Dong also has a diverse ecotourism system of waterfalls, which is the tourism products being loved by Da Nang tourists. Therefore, promoting products to this tourist market will help Nam Dong attract a great number of tourists.

Mo Waterfall (Huong Phu) is being invested to become a high-class ecotourism destination, including venture games, staying service which are expected to be tested in October 2019, and officially come into operation in 2020. Furthermore, sailing yacht on Ta Trach Lake is also assessed by its uniqueness, attracting the flux of tourists who are keen on discovery.

Needing the support from businesses

There are many things that have to be done to promote the development of Nam Dong tourism and attract tourists. The representative of Ha Noi tourism Joint Stock Company – Hue Branch exemplified that because of the hard way to get in and a lack of services, Kazan Waterfall (Thuong Lo) is still not eligible for exploitation.

As for tourism-oriented farms, it is required the consultancy to form stories, such as the stories about the effort of the farms’ owners; the farming methods. There should also be the exchange process with customers to let them set their mind at rest and buy agricultural products.

In Doi commune, the businesses suggest that the locality needs to enhance exploiting at night time to develop staying service. Furthermore, it has to intensify the programs which clearly show the local identity. For example, it should design traditional costumes for tourists to wear while participating in exchanging, and promoting them to buying traditional products as souvenirs.

According to the leaders of Nam Dong district, the district desires to focus on developing tourism. However, the difficulty is that they have no idea about how to do, and how to attract tourists. For a long time, it was still in the self-made and spontaneous form, effecting the stable number of tourists. Therefore, Nam Dong wants to receive the support from the businesses and the Provincial Tourism Association so that it could benefit both businesses and local people.

The reality from many other localities developing community-based tourism points out that unless receiving the support of businesses, tourism cannot last long. The functions of the businesses are attracting tourists, bringing tourists to the destinations and promoting products while local people are responsible for supplying products.

“I believe that when businesses decide to work together, the responsibility of local authority just stops at consulting and supporting policies, not intervening too deeply to the activities of the businesses and community to prevent the unfairness. People must be the owners and directly manage their products,” said Mrs. Duong Thi Cong Ly.

The Tourism Association affirmed that a new alliance will be formed with the participation of the businesses that have the same concern about exploiting tours to Nam Dong. The more businesses involve in it, the more stable number of tourists will be, like the success of Da Lat alliance.

Story, photo: Duc Quang