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26/10/2018 - 07:49

Nam Xuan – a high-class tourist boat launched on the Huong River 

This is one of the high-class tourist boats launched in September. The 12-seat boat is 17 meters in length, and 4.6 meters in width. It is designed in a combination of traditional and modern styles, with the priority to create comfortable spaces for visitors, but still evokes the traditional architectural features of the Ancient capital land.

Nam Xuan, the high-class tourist boat has served visitors on the Huong River

Nam Xuan boat, which is inspired by the seductive beauty of the royal boats in the Nguyen Dynasty, has a traditional sloping roof with a softly-curved wooden hips and ridges. Its guest cabin is built with natural materials such as mukulungu wood (“go sen”), bamboo and rattan, which creates the friendliness to visitors, and ensures the comfort and safety thanks to its air-conditioning system, modern sound and light system, and standard lifebuoy system, etc. Especially, by the technical solution to minimize noise, visitors can experience “Ca Hue” (“Hue Singing”) in completely quiet space.

Culinary service is a highlight. In the boat, visitors can enjoy diverse dishes such as European dishes, Asian dishes, and Vietnamese dishes with indispensable dishes from the cuisine quintessence of the Ancient capital. Hue dishes are the core to satisfy the demand of cuisine of the majority of domestic and international visitors.

"Based on the policy to attract investment of the Provincial People's Committee, we have worked hard to research the market, products and design boat models which are suitable for Hue tourism, contributing to attracting visitors to visit and stay in Hue. We not only invest in the design and construction of the boat, but also in other services such as cuisine, art programs, service space and the best servers to meet the needs of visitors," said Mr. Dau Khac Thanh, Deputy Director of Dong A Infrastructure and Tourist Investment Co., Ltd.

Photos of Nam Xuan tourist boat on the Huong River:

The equipment system in Nam Xuan tourist boat is very modern

The boat has the traditional sloping roof, air-conditioning system, and back-up lamps to serve visitors

The roof tiles are made of new materials

Door and floor systems are made of natural and friendly materials

The boat shell is made of iron

The tourist boat is equipped with standard rescue equipment

Visitors are chatting in a modern space

... and enjoying featured art performances

In addition, visitors can enjoy unique cuisine prepared right on the boat

Hopefully, Nam Xuan tourist boat will bring the freshness on the Huong River, contributing to attracting visitors to Hue

By Le Tho