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15/03/2019 - 16:54

Namyangju city (South Korea) presents statue “Greetingman” to Hue city

The statue “Greetingman”, which is presented to Hue city by Mr. Cho Kwang Han - the new mayor of Namyangju city (South Korea), will be placed at one end of the wooden-paved pedestrian bridge along Huong River. Namyangju city has the tie of brotherhood with Hue city.

The information was provided by the Chairman of Hue city People's Committee Nguyen Van Thanh after the March 13 consultation meeting and the March 14 field trip for the optimal location of the statue.

The statue "Greetingman". Photo: Nguyen Dac Xuan

The statue, sculpted by Yoo Young Ho, has been moulded in Korea and will be transported to Vietnam. The blue statue, which is made of aluminum and Machan, has the size of 2m x 2.4m x 6m, and a carrier with 4m diameter. The statue shows the humble, respecting Korean style of greeting the interactant.

The Korean party proposed to place the statue at one of the three locations in Hue city, including Hue Citadel, the Park opposite Hue Cultural Center or Dong Ba Market. After the consultation and the field trip, Hue city People's Committee revealed it would come to an agreement on the location of the statue, which is in the Park opposite Hue Central Hospital, near one end of the wooden-paved pedestrian bridge along the Huong River, before submitting to the Provincial People's Committee. The statue will face Huong River, looking towards Phu Xuan Bridge.                                                                          

In addition, Hue city People's Committee also agreed to submit to the Provincial People's Committee and the Korean party to adjust the height and size of the statue to below 4m in order to suit the landscape of Hue city.

By Thanh Huong