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26/08/2022 - 15:12

Nearly 200 scholars attending the largest mathematical conference in the Central and Highland regions

On the morning of August 25, Hue University of Education held the opening ceremony of the fourth Central and Highland regional Mathematical Conference. This biennial event is the largest conference of mathematicians and mathematics educators in the Central and Highland regions.

The scholars meeting and exchanging various professional contents

The fourth Central and Highland regional Mathematical Conference - 2022 brings together nearly 200 delegates in-person, who are domestic and foreign scholars, lecturers, and high school teachers in mathematics.

The two-day conference (from August 25 to 26) has covered a total of five plenary reports by five researchers from the Central and Highland regions, with excellent research outcomes recently. The plenary reports focus on big mathematical problems and the latest research outcomes in different mathematical areas such as commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, differential and partial differential equations, and mathematics education.

In addition, the conference has also included 87 reports presented in four groups, including: Algebra - number theory - geometry - topology; Analytics - partial derivative equation; Optimization - scientific calculation - mathematical basis for informatics - probability - statistics - mathematical finance; as well as teaching and history of mathematics. Each group will work for two days to discuss new research outcomes in each mathematical area, along with directions for future development.

The fourth Central and Highland regional Mathematical Conference - 2022 is the largest conference for mathematics research in the Central and Highland regions.

By Minh Tam