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02/11/2018 - 18:07

New knowledge on hepatobiliary and pancreatic endoscopic surgery to be updated

In the two days of November 1 and 2, Hue Central Hospital coordinated with the Embassy of France in Hanoi to hold a postgraduate training course (DIU) on "hepatobiliary and pancreatic endoscopic surgery", attracting more than 40 doctors from hospitals in the Central area and Central Highlands.

Exchanging the professional experience at the course

Doctors who attended the course were taught and exchanged the professional experience by Prof. Christophe Laurent and Prof. Daniel Azoulay from Bordeaux Center and Henri Mondor-Paris Hospital (France) on the topics of hepatobiliary and pancreatic endoscopic surgery and a number of prominent practical techniques in the fields of endoscopy, diagnosis, treatment of gastrointestinal diseases; the screening, detection and early treatment of gastric cancer with modern interventional techniques in the world.

This is an annual activity organized by Hue Central Hospital to provide a basis for the selection of doctors doing further studying in Republic of France in the coming time.

By Minh Truong