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14/09/2021 - 08:39

Not fear, only love follows us home

Leaving Hue on a beautiful day, our group of 66 people from these medical units: Department of Health, Hue Central Hospital, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hue Medical College travelled to the South to support it in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

Hue doctors and nurses participating in the prevention and control of COVID-19 pandemic in Binh Duong

The bus took the group to Phu Bai airport to get on a special flight to the center of the pandemic. Sitting on the airplane, passing through the clouds, we all felt nervous, looking forward to getting there; wishing for a happy and free life also means wishing to quickly repel the pandemic.

Binh Duong - where our group arrived at. This was also my first time to Binh Duong.

The land there was spacious, the road system was wide and safe. The houses were also normal, with very few high-rise buildings. The streets stretched; the houses closed quietly according to Directive No. 16 of the Prime Minister.

Occasionally, there were cars and people passing by, checkpoints were everywhere. At some places, there were even blocks of concrete right in front of the entrance to a large residential area. Many policemen, soldiers, wards... worked all night and day at these checkpoints.

The bus took the group to the football field of the football player Anh Duc, this was where the medical staff would stay during the participation in the fight against the pandemic in Binh Duong. Arriving at the place, I saw volunteers enthusiastically helping, delivering the group's supplies for the area suffering from the pandemic, transporting the luggage of the group on this journey.

Everyone was very friendly and sociable. From the very beginning, our group really felt loving Binh Duong people.

There were many private and public hospitals in Binh Duong, treating COVID-19 patients. Our group was assigned to Phu Chanh Hospital, No. 14 field hospital, the COVID-19 intensive care unit, last level of the disease treatment tower.

At the ICU where we worked, the disease was very serious; everyone was giving all their energy to take care of and treat the patient. Nights were long without sleep as we were on call. Patients could get seriously ill at any time, the risk of death continuously increased.

The whole team on duty worked tirelessly, everyone shared the same wish: the patients could overcome the danger, keeping their precious lives. But a loving heart is not easily filled.

There were sick people who could come back to life from critical conditions. This was an indescribable joy for everyone. But, there were also people who had to give up life. It was a pain and sorrow for us, for their families, and their loved ones... Despite all the difficulties, hardships, and fatigue, in the battle to regain the lives of COVID-19 patients in the area, this resuscitation area is full of humanity.

Me, the little one in the operation! Like me, no one thinks about the smallness of the body when being overwhelmed with faith.

I wondered, there were too many patients here, what I must do. Was there any miracle to save our patient from this pandemic?

Perhaps that is the law of the pandemic. No one thought they would leave this life. In the midst of the pandemic, during the time of supporting the fight against the pandemic in Binh Duong, our team did everything we could for the patients. I firmly believe this was an unforgettable time in everyone's memory, a remarkable stage of each one’s life.

Leaving Binh Duong, our group returned to Hue… There was no fear of the war, there was only love following us home.

Hue’s autumn is beginning. The gentle rain has cooled down the sky. I wish that all the soldiers who are in the fight against the pandemic stay healthy, with full of energy both physically and mentally, be able to repel the pandemic, so that life will soon be back to normal again.

By Pham Van Hue