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18/04/2021 - 07:20

Numerous activities in response to Vietnam Book Day

On the afternoon of April 16, Hue University held an opening ceremony of a photo exhibition on the theme "Uncle Ho with fine arts - Fine arts with Uncle Ho", and a book exhibition in response to the 8th Vietnam Book Day.

Staff and students read the publications at the book exhibition

The photo exhibition displays 30 photos on the theme "Uncle Ho with fine arts - Fine arts with Uncle Ho". These photos have been collected by the University of Arts, Hue University from various sources, including books and magazines.

Along with the photo exhibition, the book exhibition has attracted 11 exhibitors from libraries of Hue University’s member universities, institutes, and affiliated units to participate, with more than 400 books.

The books selected for display are recently published as a result of research conducted by Hue University’s staff and students. They are relevant to teaching, learning and research purposes.

*On the same day, a talk show on the theme “Books and reading culture for students of Hue University” was held in response to the 8th Vietnam Book Day at the Institute for Open Training and Information Technology, Hue University.

A speaker discusses the issues related to reading books with students

The guest speakers have shared many interesting topics, such as "Reading books and career guidance", "The Stories of books", and "Books and reading culture".

Representatives of the organization committee and the speakers affirmed that books as a spiritual product play an important role in promoting the on-going development of the society. The roles of the books are especially important for they help us deepen our intellect and understanding, and above all, they feed our mind and soul and develop the empathy for each other.

It is essential to promote the roles of books, as well as the ways to read and make choices of books, making the reading culture a significant activity and an indispensable demand of students. In order to be effective in reading books, book readers need to know how to choose the books suitable for their personality, talents, and purposes. At the same time, it is also important for them to choose the appropriate reading methods.

By Huu Phuc