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15/02/2019 - 16:50

One hundred wrestlers participates in Sình village wrestling festival

In the morning of February 14th (the tenth day of the First month in Lunar calendar), at the courtyard of Lại Ân cultural village communal house (Phú Mậu commune, Phú Vang district), the traditional wrestling festival of Sình Village 2019 was officially kicked off.

The beautiful wrestling holds kick off the wrestling festival of Sình village

This year Sình village wrestling festival attracted about 100 wrestlers and a large crowd of villagers as well as people from other localities.

After the kick-off drums and the commanding whistle, wrestlers began to show their talents, health and ingenuity through each wrestling hold on the wrestling ring.

Mr. Nguyễn Văn Trai, Vice Chairman of the Commune People's Committee, Vice Chairman of the Organizing committee of Sình village traditional wrestling festival 2019 affirmed:

“No matter people go anywhere,

Return to Sình village on the tenth day for the wrestling festival’.

These Hue’s folk verses remind people of remembering to come back to Sình village to watch wrestling on the tenth day of Lunar First month”.

Two female wrestlers also begin to show their ingenuity and intellect in each wrestling hold

The village elders said that the traditional wrestling festival of Sình village had the meaning of praying for a year full of luck, peace and good harvest. In addition to the fun and healthy elements in the early days of spring, it also honoured the martial spirit and encourage the exercise of health, courage, confidence and intellect.

Therefore, a large number of tourists and wrestlers have been attracted to Sình Village traditional wrestling festival every year.

Photos of Sình Village Wrestling Festival 2019

Phú Vang District Party Secretary Phan Thanh Hải (left) is granting the laudatory banner to the Festival Organizing Committee

The drums kick off the festival

Wrestlers start to compete

“Little” wrestlers are second to their seniors

The Organizing committee is granting awards to and encourage the winners

Story, photos: Anh Phong