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17/03/2020 - 07:50

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Phan Thien Dinh:

Only good work environment can attract talent

In the talk with us, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Phan Thien Dinh said that the province's target is not only to attract talent with good policies but also to create a good work environment for talent to devote.

Phan Thien Dinh, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee. Photo: PHAN THANH

Could you elaborate on this, please?

We deem that talented people are not necessarily only interested in remuneration, that is to say, wages, housing, land.... If those things are not associated with a good working environment, a safe, secure and sustainable living environment, where the talented people can promote their abilities, their capacities are recognized, encouraged, and their lives and families are assured of safety and security, then surely they won't make a lasting contribution.

Therefore, what the province is aiming for is creating that environment. When a good environment is created, without invitation, talented people will also come for long-term cooperation.

How is the environment you’ve just mentioned currently being built?

In recent times, we have been able to see the movement in a positive direction, from State agencies and businesses. Apart from the changes and reform of administrative procedures towards streamlining, quickness and effectiveness, the State agencies, businesses have joined hands to give more attention and more support to Hue.

The IT field is in need of a large number of human resources. Photo

Maybe we have no advantages in economy, business investment, but Hue has the strengths in culture, environment, heritage, humane values, depth which few places have. I think those are the strengths for Hue to have a good work environment.

It can be acknowledged that our ecosystem is not as good as elsewhere, but what we have like the values mentioned will certainly be an advantage to attract talent. Moreover, Hue is changing.

First of all, Hue has been creating a clean and safe living environment with a clear orientation in sustainable development, not only in the natural environment but also in terms of cultural, ethical and humane values. Entrepreneurs, enterprises are gradually developing intensively. Start-up ecosystem has taken shape, gradually formed the identity and operated effectively.

Therefore, more and more people from different places desire to live in Hue permanently, and businesses want to invest in Hue. Some businesses have established offices in Hue; some have moved their head offices to Hue. These clearly signal that the environment and ecosystem in Hue are getting better and better. It is partly attributed to the connection from businesses, the authorities and Hue lovers.

Can the profound and humane values ​​you have just mentioned be interpreted as the living environment, culture, climate and people of Hue?

Maybe more than those, but those are basically the values.

Hue is preserving and always considers them as its core value to aim for and be proud of. Obviously, as the pace of urbanization is increasing, people gradually lose their traditional values. Hue environment in particular is what many cities now wish for and are difficult to have.

When the "Green Sunday" was launched, some said that the provincial leaders were "free" to the point of collecting garbage. However, what they don’t know is that from the garbage collection, we want to send a message for a green, friendly city.

Behind the “garbage collection" issue, the "smart city" is a comprehensive consolidation of the authorities apparatus capacity and the public service system at all levels. Through those specific tasks, Hue image, environment including the investment environment have been increasingly improved. It is also the economic target the provincial leaders aim for through preserving the environment and cultural beauty.

And there must have been many enterprises that have come to Hue recently, sir?

Obviously! More and more enterprises, including many branded and potential enterprises, have come to Hue. They said the clean, livable Hue environment is the motivation for them to do so. They saw investment opportunities from the fields where Hue had previously been very difficult to get.

What is the field, sir?

Recently, some big enterprises in the IT field have come to Hue and wanted to set up offices and recruit employees in this field. In fact, there were the IT enterprises that raised the issue of investment, employee recruitment, but because our human resources were limited, for many years, there have not been any big enterprises in the field in Hue.

Currently, the difficulty in IT human resources remains when enterprises require IT human resources of 2,000-3,000 people in the next one or two years and about 10,000 people by 2025. This is indeed the problem posed for the province and the human resources training schools in the province.

What solutions have been implemented by the provincial leaders to take this good job opportunity for employees?

We have designed programs and plans in order to, together with the enterprises, organize the vocational orientation sessions related to IT jobs for teachers, parents, upper secondary school students anduniversity students in the province to develop in the near future. At the same time, the policies to support students in IT are being studied

That is a way to gradually satisfy the requirements of human resources of enterprises and also is a way for the enterprises to realize that the provincial leaders do not stand on the sidelines, but always accompany them. And above all, we wish to offer our children more and better job opportunities.

Thank you!