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19/02/2022 - 09:17

Open Day - a well-received method of enrolment counselling

After Tet holiday, when high school students get back to school, universities in Hue start launching Enrolment and Career Counselling programs. Nonetheless, it requires careful consideration of how to fit in the reality and create two-way efficiency.

12th grade students from high schools having practical experience at the University of Sciences, Hue University

Selecting the appropriate method

Recently, a series of universities in Hue in particular and in the whole country in general have announced their admission plans. The institutions have also scripted many measures for promoting their admission  practices, and once again, the matter of how to implement it becomes thought-provoking.

The delivery of enrolment flyers to candidates has been one of the long-standing methods considered as ineffective by high schools and their students.

N.P.A., a 12th grader at a high school in Hue city said: “Since I was in 11th grade, I have seen representatives of universities coming and distributing flyers promoting university courses and career orientation. In fact, many of my seniors and friends pay little attention to the information in the leaflets, and sometimes after the program, they even throw it away, which is both wasteful and offensive." 

From the perspective of a manager with many years of experience, Principal of Nguyen Truong To High School (Hue City), Mr. Nguyen Huong also said that the passive and one-way promoting approaches such as sending lecturers to have an exchange with students in a short period of time and distributing flyers are ineffective, inattractive and directive of good career orientation for students. On the contrary, it is very necessary to have two-way methods for students to experience. 

High school students having exposure to  the work of a reporter at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication, University of Sciences, Hue University

According to leaders of many high schools in the province, in the past few years, some institutions have organized more “Open Days”. Unlike the previous methods, “Open Days” bring practical experience and visual career orientation to high school students (mainly in 11th and 12th grades) by allowing them to visit and experience the facilities, training and practicing methods at universities, as well as participate in intellectual games and practical guidance in scientific research at faculties.

Through visiting and trying how a university student study and research, high school students will have an appropriate view of career orientation, and able to choose courses and universities more easily.

Mr. Nguyen Huong commented that it is the practical experiences and two-way interactions that affect candidates' choices and give them enough time to think and make their career decisions, rather than the way that university officials take advantage of the short time during the high school's flag-raising ceremony for admission promotion and career counselling.

At the launch of a series of career orientation events in 2022 for high school students of Phu XuanUniversity, Mr. Le Trieu Son, Principal of Gia Hoi High School also said that the companionship and cooperation between universities and high schools, together with programs that involve counselling and interaction between parties and student participation will create efficiency in enrolment and career counselling practices with high school students.

Making good preparations

Looking back on the year 2021, although this year saw many difficulties due to the pandemic, “Open Days” for high school students to experience organized by public universities, such as the University of Sciences, the University of Education, or private universities such as Phu Xuan University, have proved to be exciting for high school students as well as effective for the admission promotion.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Thanh Tung, Rector of the University of Sciences, Hue University, said that in 2021, the school recruited 1,155 students, much higher than the previous two years (2020, 2019) with 749 and 634 students, respectively. Besides the combination of manyobjective and subjective causes, the change in the approach  towards “Open Days” also contributes to the efficiency. 

The context of the COVID-19 pandemic requires adaptive changes in methods of student admission. In 2021 when the pandemic required the restriction of crowds, many institutions designed the programs in an appropriate scale by creating experiential events for students at each high school, dividing each group of students to experience at each faculty, yet still ensuring effectiveness. 

This approach applicable in 2022, when the COVID-19 pandemic has not ended , and industries and areas must find adaptive solutions. Creating experiences for students associated with career orientation is a good and practical way before students make their career decisions. However, it is necessary to pay attention to safety measures to prevent and control the pandemic, from the stages of transportation, organization of excursions, intellectual games, experimentation, and research. Having a thoughtful and thorough preparation will create efficiency for all parties, contributing to a successful enrolment season.

Story & photos: HUU PHUC