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02/06/2019 - 16:05

Opening of summer activities and awarding "Young writer's pen"

On the evening of June 1, Hue Children's Center held the opening of summer activities and awarded the "Young writer's pen" with the participation of many children in Hue city.

Northwest dance performance of the students of Hue Children's Center

Participating in the program, the children enjoyed many special music performances performed by the students of the Children's Center, such as Lovely Angel Dance; One heart, one homeland; Rhythm of a green day aerobics; and concert music ...

According to the organizing committee, the summer activities at Hue Children's Center this year take place with four subjects including Fine Arts, foreign languages, sports and music, with 22 different subjects. In which, there are 8 music subjects, 7 sports subjects, 2 foreign language subjects, and 5 art subjects.

In addition, Hue Children 's Center also organizes activities, competitions, festivals, extracurricular activities, travel experiences, activities of clubs, teams, and groups for children to enjoy, such as Hue cultural experience tour, "Green musical keys" festival, "Summer dream" painting, "World of childhood" reading corner, "Golden nightingale" singing festival ...

On this occasion, Hue Children's Center also awarded 24 individual prizes and 2 team prizes for contestants who participated in the "Young Writer's Pen Contest" 2019. This is a talent contest which helps orient children to have a pure soul and lead a good lifestyle with dreams and ambitions.

By Hai Thuan