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29/09/2019 - 12:25

Opening the international conference on startup and creativity

Hue College of Economics, Hue University coordinated with University of Commerce, Hai Phong University and Sofia University, Bulgaria to hold an international scientific conference with the theme: “Entrepreneurship and Creativity – Opportunities and Challenges for Vietnam's Enterprises”

Presenting gifts to units co-hosting the conference

The conference had the participation of the world’s leading policy makers and business managers coming from prestigious universities in the United States, France, Bulgaria, Korea, and China, etc. The conference received around 150 reports and selected 18 best reports to present at the working sessions.

The main themes presented at the conference included the mechanisms and policies for innovative and creative startups; the reality of startup and creativity in the countries all over the world; solutions to reform administrative procedures for creative startups of businesses; financial and capital mechanisms for creative startups; renewing business administration to support startup and creativity activities, etc.

Furthermore, the conference also contained the presentations and discussions sessions of scientists at home and abroad.

This conference was a link between the exchange and cooperation of scientists at home and abroad. This was also a forum for exchanging and sharing research results, as well as discussing the opportunities and challenges in the startup process of Vietnamese businesses.

Story, photo: Huu Phuc