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19/05/2019 - 07:01

Opening the Speech and Language Therapy Training Course at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy

On the morning of May 17, the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hue University organized the 3rd training course on Speech and Language Therapy in the Central Region and Central Highlands with the support of the KOICA Foundation and technical support from Chonbuk National University from Korea.

Realizing the urgent need for speech and language therapy in the Central region and Central Highlands, the two partners have jointly developed a project to establish a speech and language therapy training course at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hue University, The first stage is a short-term training program and proceeds to develop long-term training programs, to contribute to the development of this specialty in the region.

45 students of the 3rd course coming from many different regions throughout the country, mainly in the Central region and the Central Highlands are working in the Rehabilitation Hospitals of the provinces, and the special schools working with children with communication disorders.

The course lasts for 9 months with the teaching of lecturers from Chonbuk National University and other universities in Korea. These are people with a lot of experience in treating communication and swallowing disorders, as well as teaching experience in this field.

Together with the training course, the Center for Speech-Language Pathology with many modern equipment was also built and put into operation at Hue University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy, contributing to the teaching as well as treating patient.

News, photo: Phuoc Ly