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04/09/2018 - 20:04

Organizing tours for the participants of Hue Half Marathon 2018

In response to the first half marathon held in Hue, on September 1st and 2nd, the Department of Tourism in collaboration with Beebeetravel organized free tours for athletes participating in the competition.

A group of athletes visiting the Historical and Revolutionary Museum

According to the Department of Tourism, three tours are planned to be organized: “Walking with Hue - Following the ancient traces”; "Riding with Hue – Discovering the old Chi Lang, Gia Hoi" and “Sailing with Hue - Listen to the Huong river’s tales”.

“Walking with Hue” offers the athletes an opportunity to learn about the charming Hue city, discovering its 700 hundred years of history and struggles during the wars against France and America. Meanwhile, “Riding with Hue” takes athletes to explore an ancient commercial harbor on xich lo (Vietnamese tricycle) and to listen to the myths of Chi Lang - Gia Hoi, followed by a visit to Dieu De Pagoda, the Assembly Hall of Phuc Kien – Trieu Chau (Fujian -Chaozhou), and a stop at Thien Huong sesame candy – a famous brand name that has brought Hue to the world. The third tour, “Sailing with Hue” brings to athletes a different perspective of Hue through the tales of the poetic Huong river; they will have a chance to visit Thien Mu Pagoda, learning about the city’s dawn and the significance of the Huong river. Visitors can also immerse in the beautiful landscaped An Hien garden where the traditional space is preserved and passed on to numerous generations.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism hoped that the tours could help the athletes participating in the contest have more valuable experience and discoveries about Hue city. The free tours are believed to further promote Hue tourism while showing the hospitality of Hue to not only athletes but also other visitors.

On September 1st, lots of athletes of the Half Marathon did the "Walking with Hue" tour. On September 2nd, the tour continues to be held.

Some images of the athletes participating in the tour on September 1st:

Stop to listen to the talk about the site of Tòa Khâm sứ Trung Kỳ (The Palace of French Resident Superior in Central Vietnam)

Walking through Truong Tien bridge

Visiting Dong Ba market

Enjoying the well-known sesame candy specialty of Hue

Visiting the museums to learn about the history of Hue city

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