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01/05/2019 - 07:32

Oriental medicine in Hue

Now the Oriental medicine of Hue has won many hearts. Many addresses and clinics here have made efforts to combine traditional methods with modern techniques and machines for effective medical examination and treatment.

Packing products of traditional medicine at Hue Traditional Medicine Hospital

Improving the quality of treatment

Two months ago, Mr. TQH (65 years old, from Dien Huong, Phong Dien District) suffered from stroke with hemiparesis and aphasia. His relatives took him to many places seeking for cure but there was no improvement, and they prepared to take care of "the afterlife".

Unexpectedly, when coming to see the doctors at Hue Traditional Medicine Hospital to have the treatment with traditional methods of physiotherapy, after only two weeks, Mr. Hong condition improved, with better voice, especially his legs was not unsteady like before. His wife was happy: "Thanks to the doctors from the hospital, he was resurrected."

Modern medicine-processing system

After many times visiting Hue Traditional Medicine Hospital, recently, I realized that this unit has invested in equipment to apply more new techniques in medical examination and treatment. The patients who came to the hospital for treatment would be diagnosed with both western and oriental methods through modern medical devices such as X-rays, ultrasound, blood tests ... to find out the disease. After that, some diseases would be treated only with traditional medicine, while some will be treated with the combined western-oriental methods.

Dr. Phan Thi Thanh Nhan, Head of the Department of Internal - Pediatric, Hue Traditional Medicine Hospital says that the use of machines, such as ultrasound machines, electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms, laboratory test ... has helped doctors come up with accurate diagnosis. Therefore, the quality of treatment has been enhanced, attracting more patients to come here. Some diseases are effectively treated, such as stroke, facial nerve paralysis, taenia saginata ... which has created the "brand-name" of the hospital.

Dr. Phan Thi Thanh Nhan combined ultrasound with traditional medicine in clinical examining for treating patients

Mr. LVS. (40 years old, in Loc An, Phu Loc district) has suffered from facial nerve paralysis, severe spinal disc hernia. Despite going to many places, his disease was not cured. After being told by his relatives, he was hospitalized in severe pain.

Here, he was treated by medical doctors for 2 periods of time (each lasted 15 days), then the disease gradually subsided. Mr. S. shared that it was fortunate to be treated at Hue Traditional Medicine Hospital by combining western and oriental medicine methods as well as acupuncture, physical therapy according to the doctor's instructions. With the arm paralysis and aphasia, he has been so far gradually improved like normal people.

Being modern and effective

The combination of traditional and modern medicine is a natural and indispensable trend of medical development in the world. This is the thought shared by physician Thich Tue Tam, currently Director of the Center for Applying and Inheriting Traditional Medicine Lien Hoa (Lien Hoa Center) in Hue City.

Recently, Lien Hoa Center has focused on human resources, as well as investment of modern machinery, such as 4D ultrasound machine, high frequency X-ray machine, automatic biochemical testing machine, electro-magnet machine and massage machine ... in order to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment. With the support of modern equipment, along with the successful application of traditional remedies, Lien Hoa Center has effectively treated many diseases, such as hypertension, asthma, gastric ulcer, gallstones, neuralgia and rheumatic diseases.

Lately, physician Thich Tu Tue Tam had the research on the western-oriental guideline to treat infertility for infertile couples with the success rate of 60-70%.

Along with Lien Hoa Center, recently, Nhan Ai - An Cuu City Charity Clinic (An Dong Ward, Hue City), besides specializing in charitable activities, serving poor patients, the owner Dr. Le Quy Nguu has also studied many new methods and techniques, such as magnetic therapy, low-frequency laser, pulsed short-wave treatment ... for people with disc herniation, hemiplegia due to the stroke, degenerative disc disease, peripheral nerve paralysis, hemorrhoids, chronic colitis, acute bronchitis ...

In particular, there is a modern method which is transferred from the National Institute of Traditional Medicine of Ho Chi Minh City in the treatment of hemorrhoids by sclerosant injection (PG60). This method is safe and inexpensive, helping to remove hemorrhoids without invasive surgery.

Thanks to the application of advanced technology, many drugs requiring decoction are easily packed with a daily dose that does not interfere with those who take medicine at traditional places. For example, Hue Traditional Medicine Hospital pioneered to equip decoction machine and packing medicine bags for both inpatients and outpatients.

Specialized Pharmacist Truong Nhu Hai Quy, Head of Pharmacy Department, Hue Traditional Medicine Hospital shares that, for the past 5 years, the decoction of medicine and packaging of medicine has received positive feedback from patients. From the prescription of the doctor, the staff of the department will do the decoction according to the doctor's requirement. If an outpatient visits in the morning and is prescribed early, there will be medicine around mid-afternoon. Medicine bags just need to be soaked in warm water before use.

In order to meet the demands of medical examination and treatment, the transformation through many different healing methods, in which the outstanding is the combination of traditional and modern medicine of Hue oriental medicine places which has brought back optimistic signals in treatment, satisfying patients.

According to Specialized Doctor Dang Thi Mai Hoa, Chairwoman of the Oriental Medicine Association, in the development of the oriental medicine, its units have selected elite methods, applied suitable techniques for medical examination and treatment for people that would gain positive responses.

Story, photos: Minh Van