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11/07/2021 - 06:52

Original foundation of the two Holy Cannon houses revealed

Hue Monuments Conservation Center has just finished their archaeological excavation at the Left and Right Cannon Houses (the two shelters for the Nine Holy Cannons)

The excavation on an area of 60 square meters has revealed layers of mallet brick foundation in the Left Cannon House, the foundation stones and concrete reinforcement in Northeastern side of the Right Cannon House. The excavation also uncovered a brick foundation structure along the foundation of the Western Right Cannon House, a reinforcement structure along the foundation stones of the foundation of the Western Left Cannon House.

This archaeological excavation was intended to unearth traces of the original foundation of the two houses where the Nine Holy Cannons stand; its compartment and pillar structures as well as the construction materials of these two architectural relics. The evidence would then be used for research purposes and added to the dossier of the project to Preserve, Restore, and Adapt the two Nine Holy Cannon Houses.

By Minh Hien