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24/04/2021 - 07:54

"Original", strange flower garden

Nestling in the shade of green trees at 36 Ngoc Anh (Phu Thuong, Phu Vang, Thua Thien Hue), Le Hoang Phu’s "the land" of oxalis with nearly 100 species awakens visitors’ visuality with countless unique hues.

Some species of oxalis are as small as a fist while others take strength to carry. Photo: Mai Hue

The closest of the oxalis species in Vietnam are the clusters of oxalis usually nestling under the lemon roots or custard-apple roots in gardens. However, the world over, with more than 700 species of oxalis in existence (along with its own characteristics in the form of leaves, flower color), oxalis has become a favorite ornamental flower suitable for flower connoisseurs.

From his love for the traditional bushes of purple-pink tamarind flowers, Le Hoang Phu, a young man from Hue, explored and built a unique oxalis garden in all shapes and colors.

He said, “I collected knowledge, looked for the species of oxalis in the world. After that, I ordered the seed bulbs from abroad, figured out how to nurse them.” With a few original pots, Le Hoang Phu's garden has been replete with approximately 100 species of oxalis so far.

The 9x boy's garden is colorful with eye-catching purple, yellow, pink, orange, and white. From the "giant" to small oxalis, each flower pot is a story about the burning passion Le Hoang Phu cherishes. The flower garden is a symphony of popular flower strains such as oxalis, oxalis forest eye and high-priced ones like rosy oxalis.

Oxalis in various hues and shapes. Photo: Provided by the interviewee

A small pot like a child's fist, with fluttering small, thin leaves and petals over held is a unique color scheme of pastel pink, ivory white and eye-catching bright yellow. This also means that you are holding in your hand the rosy oxalis worth nearly VND 1 million per seed bulb and VND 1.5 million per mature pot.

By contrast, for the popular strains, oxalis is usually priced only from VND 50,000 per bulb, but the color is not inferior. The difference in price is not only due to the rare strain, strange color, and flower face but also due to the elaborate care for these strains, creating value.

Especially in Hue’s harsh weather, oxalis still grows and rises strongly. This contrasts with their fragile, slim appearance.

The quantity of blooming flowers is proportional to the amount of sunlight the plant receives. Enjoying the beauty of oxalis, therefore, requires luck. When you desire to visit the garden, please come at early noon. This is the time when the petals bloom intensely, displays splendid colors.

From October to April every year is the best time to admire this flower species. Coming to admire the oxalis flower garden, you can also contemplate hundreds of unique baskets of Hoya bonii flower also by flower-lover Le Hoang Phu.

Visiting the garden of hundreds of flowers in Ngoc Anh Village, visitors will experience from one surprise to another. From the story of a Hue young man’s passion for flowers to the strange aroma in the wind of Hoya bonii, from the small flower pots worth millions of VND to the giant flower bushes that take a man of strength to carry. Taking a walk in this garden, you will see the flowers that are unique, strange in hue and quiver with intense vitality.

Story and photos: Bach Chau - Mai Hue