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17/11/2020 - 07:28

Painting Exhibition on gender equality

Referring to the theme of gender equality, the exhibition “Strawberry Story” which has just been opened on the afternoon of November 14 at Be Café, No.33 Alley 6, Ngoc Anh village, Phuong Thuong commune, Phu Vang district attracted the attention of art-loving people.

The performance artwork of the two artists Le Thi Linh and Le Quoc Hoan

“Strawberry story” is the visual exhibition introducing to viewers 30 works by the two artists Le Thi Linh and Le Quoc Hoan. With the materials of acrylic, oil paints, the paintings honored the images of women and raised the awareness of gender equality. Furthermore, going along with this theme, the viewers also had chances to enjoy the video art work and performance arts about the theme.

Creating the image of a pregnant woman, the works of the artist Le Quoc Hoan expressed the feminineness, as well as the inner life full of pent-up feelings, endurance and the need to be de-stressed and to share joy and sorrow of the women in a society in which still has gender inequality.

The works of the artist Le Thi Linh reflect the insider’s views on gender by using art language. It is not to seek understanding, sympathy, or equal treatment but to gain some relief when being yourself.

At the opening ceremony, there was also the performance of the girl band Me2 Band from Ha Noi. With the lively Funky Pop melodies, the compositions of Me2 Band inclined toward the love, youth, and the beauty of the women.

The exhibition lasts until December 14.

Story, photo: Trang Hien