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23/08/2022 - 15:07

Passenger transport route to Phu Bai airport, Hue city to be piloted

On the morning of August 22, Hai Van International Transport Joint Venture Company - Hue branch (Hai Van Company) held a press conference to introduce bus routes from the center of Hue city to Phu Bai International Airport and vice versa. This service is expected to be put into pilot operation from August 27.

Vehicles to transport passenger of Hai Van Company will be put into operation on August 27

According to Hai Van Company, the above bus route will use between 10-25 vehicles, which are 16 soft-seat cars, with a listed price of 90,000 VND/ticket. There will be 1 bus trip every 30 minutes from 8:30 a.m. to 22:45 p.m. daily, in line with the flights schedule of the airport.

The bus route from the center of Hue city to Phu Bai international airport of Hai Van Company is included in the scheme of organizing, operating and providing services of service routes connecting Phu Bai international airport with the urban centers and tourism centers of the province. This project has been approved by the Department of Transport (DOT) on the basis of Decision 2056 of the Ministry of Transport on promulgating the Plan to guide the pilot implementation of passenger transport connection service from the urban center and tourism centers to the airport by car in some provinces and cities.

“Through the above trips, Hai Van Company wishes to become a bridge for trade, tourism and culture; contributing to preserving traditional cultural values ​​as well as promoting the image of Hue City to domestic and international tourists, standing side by side with Hue to integrate in the international cultural flow,” a representative of Hai Van Company shared.

Established in 1994, up to now, Hai Van Company is the first and only road transport company in Southeast Asia to join the Global Passenger Network (GPN) with the goal of bringing transport standards of quality, modernity, safety and thoughtfulness to all passengers in the world.

By Minh Van