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22/08/2022 - 14:35

Peaceful and fresh deserted beaches

Although just being around 12km away from Hue city center, Thuan An Beach is quite crowed. Therefore, if you go a little further with only a few tens of kilometers, you can get “your own beach”.

Our children’s priority in the summer are always going to the beach to both cool off and enjoy the delicious seafood. For that reason, no matter how busy we are, my family always try to take them to the beach at least once a week to fulfill their wishes.

In the recent two months, whenever going to Thuan An beach and even the neighboring Phu Thuan beach, it has always been jammed. The situation was not better with people and vehicles being in the rush even when we chose to go in the weekdays.

While it was the good sign to show that the provincial tourism sector has recovered well, there was still the worry about the overloaded for the destination. Therefore, in order to make a small contribution to minimize the overloading and especially finding the peace and fresh atmosphere, we chose the deserted beaches and accept to go further. This could be the new and interesting way of experiencing.

The beach of our choice often is My Hoa, Tan Hoi in Loc Dien commune (Phong Dien, a district is in the North of Hue city). The strengths of this beach are the bluer water and gentle waves due to the more deserted status. Although the restaurants are simple but in return, their service is best with hospitality and full of fresh seafood.

Sometimes, when the fishermen come back from the sea, we can buy a bunch of fresh cuttlefish at affordable price. Hence, to kill two birds with one stone, we come there every twice per week and, by the way, visit our grandma in the adjacent village.

To get our children have more experiences, we also took them to other beaches nearby such as Phong Hai, Quang Cong, Quang Ngan, and Hai Duong, etc. The common points of these beaches always are the peace, quiet spaces and fresh and delicious food, which are suitable for families and young people desiring to find a place for relaxing and being slow down after a stressful working week.

Fresh seafood

With the advantage of having a long coastal line of around 120km, if you go to Thuan An beach and bump into the crowed scene, let you visit the neighboring beaches such as Hai Duong, Phu Dien, Vinh Thanh, and Vinh Hien, etc. Who knows that it can give back to you many more interesting experiences.

The traffic to the beaches is so convenient now. It can be better to go by car, but your trip will be second to none on excitement to go by motorbikes. Some of my friends plan for the cycling trips there on weekends to both exercise, relax and enjoy the peaceful day off.

If you also come to Hue these days, let you take some new experiences on the deserted beaches, maybe, it will make your trip more meaningful.

Story: Hong Tam. Photos: Hong Tam - Thanh Ngan