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22/08/2021 - 10:24

Peaceful beauty of La Chu 

La Chu is a small farming village in Huong Chu ward, Huong Tra town.

Peace and tranquility are the feelings of tourists when visiting this small village.

According to the history of the village, when the pioneers of the village came here, they saw a land that was as flat as a silk sheet and stretched along the immense lagoon (Bau Sen), so they named the village La Chu.

La means silk, Chu means lagoon, water wharf. La Chu is a flat silk sheet stretching along the vast wharf.

In addition to growing rice, La Chu also intensively cultivates crops and provides clean vegetables for Hue City and surrounding areas.

A specialty of the village is pungent and good-smelling pickled scallion bulb, which is fond of by many people.

Hue News would like to introduce a photo reportage of Tran Dinh Duc Hieu, the author, about that peaceful and beautiful village considered as a flat silk sheet stretching along the riverside.

Panoramic view of La Chu village

La Chu village overlooking the national highway

Bau Sen

Farmers going to work

A farmer taking care of onion fields

Bailing water into the field to prevent drought

Intercropping rice and crops

Panoramic view of fields of farm produce

Fields of farm produce seen from above

Ripe rice fields

Panoramic view of ripe rice fields

By Hue News