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22/04/2018 - 10:55

People and enterprise centered approach to service

This was one of the key tasks directed by Vice Permanent Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Phan Ngoc Tho in the documents to districts, towns, Hue city and specialized agencies under the Provincial People's Committee, so as to continue to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the district-level Public Administrative Center on April 20.

Administrative procedures posted at Nam Dong Public Administrative Center.

In order to further improve the effectiveness of the Public Administrative Center’s operation under the guideline of "Friendly - simple – timely," Party committees and authorities at all levels must raise their awareness in guiding and coordinating to monitor, supervise and handle administrative procedures in the locality; confirm the position and roles of the Public Administrative Center at district level as an agency assisting the district-level People's Committee in monitoring and supervising the receipt and return of administrative procedure results under the jurisdiction of district-level People's Committee.

The Public Administrative Center must continue to review and propose to the Provincial People's Committee its implementation lists at levels 3 and 4, associated with propaganda and mobilization of people and enterprises.

Accordingly, the district-level Public Administrative Center must perform the function of professional linking and transferring, and digitizing dossiers between the Provincial Public Administrative Center and the commune-level "one door" offices. At the same time, it has to study and propose to the Provincial People's Committee solutions and initiatives to support the people and enterprises.

By Thai Son