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13/02/2021 - 13:13

People wishing for peace and luck on New Year's Day 

On the morning of Tan Suu New Year’s Day, there were crowds of people quietly visiting pagodas to offer incense and worship Buddha, praying for a peaceful and happy new year for themselves and their families.

Early in the morning, many people flocking to pagodas to worship Buddha on Tan Suu New Year’s Day

At many famous ancestral and ancient pagodas of Hue such as Tu Dam, Thien Mu, Tu Hieu, Thuyen Ton, etc., people unhurriedly came to offer incense and worship Buddha from very early. They picked up a piece of paper, wrote down their wishes and then hung on a tree erected in front of the main hall. The elderly wished for peace and luck, young children wished for good academic results, and middle-aged people wished for favorable work. The majority of people have the common wish that the pandemic will quickly end, and everyone stays healthy.

"I wish good academic results and a lot of luck in life for myself, and happiness for everyone," said 12-year-old Nguyen Thuc Linh, before writing her wish on paper.

Also in this morning, many people flocked to the cemeteries to visit the deceased. It is a familiar ritual in the cultural and spiritual life of Hue people. "No matter what you do and where you go, visiting ancestors' graves beforehand is a must," said Mr. Nguyen Dat, Hue city, without forgetting to send New Year wishes to everyone.

Below are some pictures recorded by Thua Thien Hue Online:

In the new year, everyone comes to the pagoda with respect and sincerity, praying for peace and happiness

A simple wish hanging on a tree

People offering incense at a pagoda on Le Ngo Cat street, Hue city

People celebrating religious ceremony in the main hall of Tu Hieu pagoda

Many people in traditional ao dai are heading religious ceremony

A family taking the opportunity to take photos to celebrate New Year's Day at the pagoda

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