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22/11/2019 - 21:28

Performing bronchoscopy to remove a fish from patient's lungs

Previously, the patient was taken to a hospital in Da Nang to remove the object. However because of respiratory failure, he was intubated and transferred to Hue Central Hospital.

Doctors of Hue Central Hospital performing endoscopy to remove a fish from the patient's lungs

On November 20, specialist doctor Pham Nhu Vinh Tuyen, head of the General Planning Department - Hue Central Hospital informed that on November 18, the hospital gave emergency treatment to the patient Huynh L. (50 years old, Thanh Khe, Da Nang City) who was having acute respiratory distress with airway obstruction. The patient was indicated with rigid direct laryngoscopy examine to remove the foreign body.

After intensive resuscitation treatment and specialist consultation, on the morning of November 19, the team of specialist doctors conducted bronchoscopy with rigid bronchoscope, removing a 4x5.5cm catfish, from the left bronchus.

Currently, the patient’s state is stable, having intubation removed, with the lungs are well ventilated as he is able to communicate.

The patient said that while he was going fishing, he removed the fish from the net with his mouth; and, the fish slipped from the net to his mouth and gliding into his lungs.

By Dinh Hoang Xuan Hong