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26/10/2018 - 17:16

Permanent exhibition display of Hue traditional weddings and cakes to open

Hue Cultural Museum will open a permanent exhibition display of Hue traditional weddings and cakes in early November 2018.

The exhibition space showcases the artifacts of traditional weddings, including: the altar, the tơ hồng rite (lit. the rite of marriage tie), wedding invitations, marriage certificates, the wedding ao dai, the tray of areca, betel and wine, etc.

The exhibition also showcases some of Hue folk cakes, from the popular cakes such as bánh lọc (tapioca dumpling cakes), bánh ít (glutinous rice cakes), bánh gai (black glutinous rice cakes), and bánh in (pressed-flour cakes), etc. to some types being failed to be handed down such as bánh phục linh (burned flour cookies processed from the tuber of a kind of plant, with the Vietnamese name cây năng, or eleocharis dulcis), bánh dứa (pineapple cakes), bánh lá vải (cakes with images of leaves), etc. The exhibition brings to the public an interesting view of the special features of Hue traditional culture.