Hometown-flavored Cassava Cakes

The ingredients to make cassava cakes are first of all fresh cassava roots, the fillings consist of red beans combined with sugar and ginger.

  • Peace and tranquility with the old corners 

    Peace and tranquility with the old corners

    Thua Thien Hue Weekly would like to introduce the old corners in some of the tea houses and coffee shops through the series of pictures taken by Phan Trung.

  • Gentle Ao dai 

    Gentle Ao dai

    The image of Hue girls with ao dai and conical hats has entered the hearts of so many people when coming to this land.

  • Vinh Hien fish market 

    Vinh Hien fish market

    Around 2am, the market becomes bustling with hundreds of large and small boats landing and selling famous seafood such as crab, siganus guttatus, herring and shrimp…

  • “Telling stories” through paintings on the trunks 

    “Telling stories” through paintings on the trunks

    The paintings painted on the trunks of Lagerstroemia trees, Poinciana trees, Barringtonia acutangula trees, etc., are the fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood, Rabbit and Turtle, Tam and Cam, and so on.

  • Bao Vinh ancient town 

    Bao Vinh ancient town

    After eating your fill and getting tired for walking, you can take a rest in a coffee shop with beautiful views in front of the market.

  • Peaceful meditation place 

    Peaceful meditation place

    Huyen Khong Son Thuong Pagoda belongs to the Nam Tong sect (Hìnayàna). The construction of the pagoda was completed in 1989, after dozens of years, thanks to the efforts of monks and Buddhists.

  • Hue’s golden autumn 

    Hue’s golden autumn

    Autumn, yellow leaves seem to be characteristics of a certain distant country but they are clearly visible in the forest of Ru Cha, like a highlight in the golden autumn picture of Hue.

  • Come to Hue to see theatrical drama 

    Come to Hue to see theatrical drama

    If being steadily maintained and constantly innovated in a way closer to the public, Hue theatrical drama will surely attract more audiences and be a ‘plus point’ for Hue tourism with a unique art discipline.

  • Gùi - traditional beauty of the mountainous region 

    Gùi - traditional beauty of the mountainous region

    With their skillful hands, the ethnic minority people have transformed rattan into delicate baskets.

  • Catching moments with tigaya flowers 

    Catching moments with tigaya flowers

    From the end of September to the beginning of October is the season of tigaya flowers blooming whitely. And when the gentle breeze come, the white flower petals follow the wind to fly away.

  • Let Hue clean and beautiful every day 

    Let Hue clean and beautiful every day

    Along with the "Green Sunday" campaign and the hard work of the sanitation workers, Hue is getting "Green-clean-bright" every day as expected by the provincial leaders.

  • Unicorn in its festival 

    Unicorn in its festival

    Let's take a look at the photos about the unicorns of Nhat Long to relive the pure childhood memories and welcome a happy and peaceful Mid-Autumn Festival!

  • Traveling and shooting photos in Hue 

    Traveling and shooting photos in Hue

    Grasping this trend, currently, the tourism sector has set the “photo tour” as a tourist product to attract tourists from near and far, especially the photographers who live nationwide and all over the world.

  • Unique Rainbow waterfall 

    Unique Rainbow waterfall

    It took around 7km to go from Khe Tre town to A2 hamlet, Huong Son commune. Then, tourists and local people will float on the boats towards the downstream of Ta Trach lake to A Ka waterfall.

  • Early morning on ironwood bridge 

    Early morning on ironwood bridge

    Thua Thien Hue Weekly would like to introduce the morning activities of Hue people on the ironwood bridge and the surrounding area.