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30/12/2020 - 09:36

Phu Cam church bells ring

Sometimes, in the middle of the cold and wet year-end days, I hear the ringing of Phu Cam church bells as I passed by, where the tall steeple stood in the wind and rain, with all the brilliant lights awaiting a new Christmas season. In the midst of the freezing cold, I thought I was somewhere in Europe. Perhaps, only snowfall was missing.

In addition to being the capital of pagodas, there are also numerous churches in Hue, especially quite large ones located in the city center such as the Redemptorist Church, or Phu Cam diocese. These churches all have unique European architecture.

 Located on Phuoc Qua hill, Phuoc Vinh ward, Hue City, Phu Cam Church is the church of the Archdiocese of Hue

The church is located at the end of Nguyen Truong To Street, where there are sidewalk-cafes familiar to generations of students coming to Hue to study, where there is the Trinh attic with rows of old nutgall and nacre trees on both sides of the road. The "twin towers" of the church at the end of the street is such a special highlight that many people passing by will have a second look. 

In 1682, Phu Cam church was built in Da hamlet, on the An Cuu river bank, under the time of Father Langlois. However, about 2 years later, realizing that the conditions and circumstances here were not suitable, Father Langlois decided to move the church to Phuoc Qua Hill.

This time, Phu Cam church was built on a more magnificent level, made of solid stone material and imprinted with Western architecture. Over time, this beautiful church in Hue has been repaired and rebuilt over 10 times.

Phu Cam Church, the destination of young people during Christmas

In 1963, the church was rebuilt and in 2000, the new Phu Cam church was inaugurated with two bell towers at 43.5m high and 12 floors. Here, the church bells ring daily. In addition, in the church campus there are statues of saints, with caves, old pine trees ...

Phu Cam Church is a place that attracts a lot of tourists to visit. It is also the photography site for many brides and grooms to record memorable moments of their lives. It is also a check-in place for many young people, especially on big holidays like Christmas. Inside the church, the nave is designed in a dome-shape, like a dragon opening its mouth, with beautiful multi-colored glass windows of ancient European architecture.

I am not a Christian follower, however, I still drop by from time to time. Step into the large grounds of the church and sit down on the wooden bench like a Christian believer, you will feel a sense of peace like a warm ray of sunshine appearing on cold wet winter days.

Occasionally, on summer evenings, the children gather in front of the church yard to play old games. The older kids play football or kick shuttlecock. The younger ones ride their bicycles or play hide-and-seek. At 9 o'clock, the church closes, except on public holidays. Because it is on a hill, in summer, this yard is quite cool.

With a capacity of about 2,500 seats, the main hall of Phu Cam Church is considered one of the largest churches in Hue today.

Another Christmas season is here. A new year is coming. In the midst of the chaos of a year with many unprecedented ups and downs, sometimes people need to find peace and find a love of faith by visiting the church. Here, they can feel the beautiful tranquility, immerse in the poetic scenery, and in the nostalgic but also romantic atmosphere of Hue’s winter.

Story: Nam Giao – Photos: Tuan Kiet