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27/07/2018 - 17:25

Phu Xuan University holds talk on higher education issues in Vietnam

On the morning of July 26th, Phu Xuan University held a talk on "Higher Education - Essential Issues" with the presentation of three speakers with many years of research in higher education in Vietnam.


Dr. Pham Hung Hiep, an expert in higher education, presents at the talk

Mr. Dam Quang Minh, Rector of Phu Xuan University, said that this activity is an opportunity for all managers, thinkers, educators in the country and all over the world to listen to pratical opinions, contributing to promoting the process of innovation and development of higher education in Vietnam.

This is the openning activity for the regular monthly active chain organized by Phu Xuan University with the common theme "Vietnam Education - destination and the way to go".

Under the themes "Which are the development orientations for Vietnamese universities in the context of public higher education?" by speaker Pham Hung Hiep; "What to prepare for the new generation of students?" by speaker Le Anh Vinh and "The story of the co-ordination between training institutions and enterprises" by speaker Duong Trong Tan, the talk got the attention of universities and colleges inside and outside the province.

By Thanh Nhan