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11/10/2017 - 14:19

Piano child prodigy Evan Le to perform in Hue

One year after the first time visiting Vietnam in 2016, piano child prodigy Evan Le’s parents will take him to Vietnam, and there will be only one night of Evan Le’s Piano performance in Hue at the end of this year.

Evan Le and his mother on the trip to Vietnam in 2016

Each year, Evan Le’s family wants to take him to Vietnam once to “ remember the origin”. The first time Evan Le visited Vietnam is in 2016,   and he had a successful performance at Soul Music Academy in Saigon. In the next trip to Vietnam in 2017, his family just wants to come to Hue to visit his mother’s village and has only one night of his performance at a suitable place in Hue.

“There are many organizations inviting Evan to perform, but his family does not want to receive any remuneration,” Evan Le’s family representative said.

In the performance in Hue in the coming December, Evan Le will perform with pianist Tuan Manh, saxophonist An Tran, singers Ngoc Mai, Lan Nha… with an expected number of audiences reaching 2,000-3,000. Furthermore, he also will have one night for limited private exchange interaction with 30-40 people.