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12/02/2020 - 10:28

Picturesque suburban flower fields 

During and after Tet holiday, the sunflower field, cosmos flower field and organic vegetable field in Huong Tra town have attracted many tourists. The owner of these ideas that both cater to tourism and experiencing clean agriculture is Nguyen Ngoc Sang, manager of Green Life.

Flowers and vegetables in the middle of the field create a beautiful, poetic landscape for the farm

The farm is located at the end of Le Thuyet street (Tay Xuan village), Huong Xuan, Huong Tra with a total area of about 55,000 m2, including a sunflower field, organic local guava growing areas, fields of growing vegetables and fruits. They are all grown with clean and safe methods. Previously, this was a low-lying area and agricultural production here was inefficient. After leasing the land, for nearly 4 months, the investor mobilized 15 workers, bulldozers ... and worked continuously from making roads, improving land, sowing flowers and vegetables. Thanks to the hard work, the farm went into operation and welcomed over 1,000 visitors during the last Tet holiday.

Earlier, the 800m2 field of sunflowers near Huyen Khong Son Thuong pagoda also bloomed and attracted tourists who came to visit the pagoda. Recently, the 3,000m2 sunflower and cosmos fields at 74 Van Thanh, Huong Ho ward have created an attractive space for many tourists and young people. Phan Thuy Huong, an enthusiastic traveler from Quang Binh: “I have already been to Huyen Khong Son Thuong, I but find the location of the flower field associated with the relics and landscape in Van Thanh so wonderful. The kids in my family also liked it so we bought tickets to experience the flower fields here.”

Nguyen Dang Nhat, manager of the Van Thanh area's flower field, said: “The flowers are yet to be in full bloom, but due to customer demand, we opened a few days early. On the first weekend, more than 150 people came to buy tickets to take photos. This Valentine Day, we will have a field of roses and meaningful activities for tourists.” As revealed by Green Life and colleagues, responding to the call of the province to create “Hue – four seasons of flowers”, the 8,000m2 riverside alluvial area from the direction of Linh Mu Pagoda to Van Thanh will be planted flowers all year round like sunflowers, mustard flowers, dahlia, cosmos ... During Hue Festival, there will be flower designs according to the theme of the festival.

Nguyen Ngoc Sang, the manager of Green Life, studied information technology. However, after getting married and staying Hue, in 2018, he established Green Life to provide services related to garden design, fertilizer and growing mediums. Now, the company is oriented towards safe agricultural education. At the farm in Huong Xuan, 11 employees, who are agronomists and students who are passionate about this field, are assigned to be in charge of cultivation, registration, guiding, customer service...

21 schools have registered for their students to experience and learn at the farm. “In the future, I will design miniature areas on the farm for families to stay and experience. I want the young generation to have an impression and experience about agriculture when coming to Green Life, and visitors will have a different feeling about a beautiful new Hue!”

According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Anh, Head of Economic Department, Huong Tra Town, two years ago, the town had oriented and encouraged the development of high-tech agriculture. Flower farms and clean vegetables are the direction suitable for the places where there are favorable tourist routes. In the coming time, the department will research to be able to support businesses' development loans based on provincial and local policies.

Below are some photographs captured by Thua Thien Hue Online of flower fields and of the experience of visitors:

he farm can be found on Le Thuyet Street, following the National Highway or from Hue bypass

After sunflowers, buckwheat flowers will be planted 

It's the sunny season, so sunflowers are in full bloom, attracting many young people

After Tet, workers planted flowers from the road leading to the farm to create a synchronized landscape

Individual tourists and group tours are impressed with the scenery like Da Lat when coming to the farm

In addition to taking photos, families can bring food to camp 

The path is arranged aesthetically with conical hats, umbrellas, bamboo baskets ... for guests to interact and comfortably explore

The farm manager instructs guests to collect vegetables to take home

The flower field in Van Thanh is located in a beautiful location, attractive to visitors

Cosmos are planted close to the river bank in a heart shape area

On weekends, guests come to buy tickets to enter the farm and take photos; so the flower field at 74 Van Thanh gets quite crowded

Clip of the blooming flower fields

Story and photos: Linh Tue – Long Moc