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10/04/2018 - 17:59

Pilot project of smart city operation center

On April 9, the Provincial People’s Committee approved the pilot project of smart city operation center, with the total expense of VND 3 billion sponsored by Viettel corporation.

(Illustrated image) A resident is carrying out procedures at the city administrative center. Photo:

The project aims to build the supervision and operation center with initial configuration, scale and put into operation in 2018. The functions of the center are traffic supervision and treatment; managing and supervising the images used to penalize administrative infringements through images; public transport managing; managing the parking lots on the streets and in the buildings’ basements. Also, they involve supervising security and stability in the central areas, important areas, the complex of monuments, crowded places, etc. in the city area.

In addition, the center also receives comments and feedback on the quality of administrative services and makes decisions on providing public administrative services. It also receives, supports, answers, and advises tourists about the problems they encounter while traveling in the local area.

By Thai Binh