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11/09/2017 - 07:56

Planning on the construction of Bach Ma spiritual and relaxation ecotourism resort

It is expected that the place surveyed for the construction of ​​Bach Ma Spiritual and Relaxation Ecotourism Resort will cover an area of ​​nearly 400 hectares out of a total of 37,480 hectares area of ​​Bach Ma National Park.

View from Bach Ma peak towards Tam Giang - Cau Hai lagoon

Having consulted with ministries and branches

Recently, the People's Committee of Thua Thien Hue province has approved the task of zoning the land for the construction of Bach Ma Spiritual and Relaxation Ecotourism Resort in Bach Ma National Park. The planned area is expected to be an important spiritual and relaxation ecotourism center of Bach Ma National Park which will be the destination for local and international visitors, contributing to the development of the local economy on the basis of preserving natural values. The planning of the construction is in the process of researching and being appraised for approval.

Deputy Director of the Department of Planning and Investment Hoang Viet Trung affirmed that before beginning to plan and zone the land for the construction of Bach Ma Spiritual and Relaxation Ecotourism Resort, the sponsor Bach Ma Park Tourism Joint Stock Company has asked for approval of the provincial People's Committee. There were also opinions of the relevant ministries and agencies such as: the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Construction and experts in the field of architecture, construction, planning, natural resources and environment, etc. When the final document of approval from the ministries, agencies and experts is released, the company will start the construction planning process. Now, they have finished the step of collecting opinions for the first time. The Department of Construction has collected the opinions and suggestions of relevant agencies and ministries, and made adjustments before submitting them to the provincial People's Committee for further consideration, and then sent them back to the relevant ministries and branches. The complete agreement will be submitted to the Provincial People's Council for approval before being issued.

For the investment of the project, according to Mr. Hoang Viet Trung, so far the planning has not been approved, so that it is quite early to consider the project investment. It is important to wait until the plan is approved. Based on this plan, the investment appeals, and no matter with what investors, project investment must comply with this construction planning and the planning of conservation of the Bach Ma National Park in order to maintain the natural values.

The only route currently connecting Bach Ma to the outside region

With regard to the zoning plan for the construction of the Bach Ma Ecotourism Resort, which includes the construction of cable car, some suggest that the construction of the cable car will affect the environment of Bach Ma. There are also concerns about the greenery system being cut when the construction is under way. However, in consultation with a number of related units such as: Department of Planning and Investment, Department of Transportation, Bach Ma National Park, most people said that in comparison with road construction, the cable car system will have the least impact on greenery and environmental landscapes. Moreover, the cable car also shortens the time of transportation compared to traveling on road. The number of passengers transported will also be increased more than that of some other means of transport. For example, Ba Na Hill, on average, has over 1 million passengers a day. If traveling on road, it will be difficult to ensure the capacity. Not to mention, when traveling by cable system, visitors can enjoy the scenery from above that creates more attraction for the place. According to Mr. Hoang Viet Trung, if the cable system is built, only the construction areas of the transporting cable station may be affected, but this will be calculated specifically so as not to influence the overall environment and ecosystems of Bach Ma National Park. Moreover, if operating the cable system, the footpath that has long been exploited to serve the needs of those who want to explore the nature of Bach Ma by road is still available.

Conservation in association with development

Mr. Huynh Van Keo, Director of Bach Ma National Park stated that Bach Ma National Park as well as national parks throughout the country, besides the needs of protection, conservation, we also need rational exploitation planning to have financial resources for conservation. The most important things are protection and preservation, but not to lose the opportunity to promote and exploit the inherent values ​​in a positive way so as to promote the image of Vietnam and its people worldwide, which helps to raise necessary funds for the protection and conservation of nature.

Concerning the construction planning of Bach Ma Spiritual and Relaxation Ecotourism Resort, Mr. Huynh Van Keo said that it is currently in the process of researching and planning, and has not been approved, so he has no specific opinion, but his point is to support the development of ecotourism, not to undermine the environmental landscape and inherent values.

Regarding the call for investment in Bach Ma National Park, Director of Department of Planning and Investment Phan Thien Dinh said that Bach Ma National Park takes up a strategic position not only on the national but also on international level. Therefore, all projects, even if they are just researching for investment, must be worthwhile. Moreover, with that special position, project selection must also be considered with caution, we cannot rush to invest in temporary economic development projects. They should be large-scale projects which also can protect the nature. For a long time, some investors have asked for permission to do the research on investment in the project of Bach Ma, but until now the province has not approved any yet. After issuing the zoning plan for the Bach Ma Spiritual and Relaxation Ecotourism Resort, the province will consider the investment projects proposed by investors. Obviously, the research in project investment is a long process; there may be 10 investors doing the research, but there might be no investor with a good project to be chosen. Or investors may give up researching when they find no benefits there.

Story and photos: Tam Hue