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27/04/2020 - 08:31

Preparing for "Hue Ao Dai Festival"

"Activities of the ‘Hue Ao Dai Festival’ must promote the strength of preserving and promoting Hue cultural identity at Hue Festival 2020. Thereby, increasing the effectiveness of economic, tourism, and cultural development; and contributing to affirming that Ao Dai is a traditional costume of Vietnam, a basis for building the project of Hue - Ao Dai Capital”, said Chairman of Provincial People's Committee Phan Ngoc Tho at the recent meeting with departments, branches, localities on the formulation of the project to organize the ‘Hue Ao Dai Festival’.

Many agencies and units responded to wearing Ao Dai to work. In the photo: female employee of the financial department of the Provincial People's Committee Office wearing Ao Dai when working at the office

Becoming an annual activity

According to the Director of the Provincial Department of Culture and Sports, Phan Thanh Hai, the goal of the ‘Hue Ao Dai Festival’ is to renew Hue Festival activities in the direction of strengthening community-based art and performance programs; socializing cultural and art activities; promoting the values of Hue culture and the role of the people as the subject; especially turning ‘Hue Ao Dai Festival’ into an annual activity in 4 festive seasons, creating a highlight at the future Festivals.

 ‘Hue Ao Dai Festival’ will be first held at Hue Festival 2020 (expected to take place in late August 2020) with a series of events to honor Hue Ao Dai. The main activities include: Workshop on Vietnamese Ao Dai; Honoring the first creators of the Vietnamese Ao Dai; Ao Dai art show.

The highlight is the community Ao Dai program which encourages the people to wear Ao Dai during the Festival, including Ao Dai with female students, Ao Dai in daily life, and Ao Dai traditional festivals, Ao Dai in the family rituals...

Mr. Phan Thanh Hai shared that Hue is considered the homeland of Ao Dai with the founder Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat (1744). Before 1945, nearly all Hue people wore Ao Dai. Hue women wore Ao Dai to go to the market, men wore Ao Dai at rituals. Therefore, Ao Dai is one of Hue's precious heritage.

Elegant in an Ao Dai. Photo: Tran Nhu Dang Tuyen

Men also wear Ao Dai

Mr. Ho Dang Thanh Ngoc, Chairman of the Provincial Union of Literature and Art Associations, affirmed that the Ao Dai was the standard for the dress of the Inner Land. It was the policy of reforming the court and official attire so the cultural standards of Ao Dai must be brought back to life. These are values of modesty, sophistication and elegance of Hue Ao Dai. Every year, it is necessary to organize programs to introduce the history of the Ao Dai. There should also be a Miss Ao Dai competition, and competition for designing Ao Dai. It is also time for Hue men to wear Ao Dai on festive occasions in some areas, on certain days.

"There have been many social classes responding to wearing Ao Dai, including men. Members of Dang Huy Tru Photography Club wear Ao Dai for festivals and on receptions are examples to be replicated" – Mr. Ho Dang Thanh Ngoc shared.

Researcher Tran Dinh Hang, Director of the Vietnam National Academy of Arts and Culture Department in Hue said that this project is very important and has the attention of the provincial leaders. Hue is the home to many Ao Dai designers and traditional Ao Dai tailor houses. It is necessary to establish an association of tailors and collectors and to gather skilled tailors.

The province also needs to connect people who have contributed to the restoration, preservation and promotion of the values of Hue Ao Dai. At the same time, it is proposed that a center for traditional ceremony costumes should be established to promote the typical value of Hue Ao Dai.

With the view of contributing to the community's Ao Dai program, the Director of the Department of Education and Training Nguyen Tan said that, in addition to having students wearing Ao Dai on designated days and organizing contests for female students with traditional Ao Dai, the department will organize reward ceremonies for excellent students in Di Luan Duong where female students will wear Ao Dai. Meanwhile, Director of Hue Monuments Conservation Center, Vo Le Nhat, said that there will be policies to create incentives for tourists to wear Ao Dai when visiting the monuments.

When mentioning Ao Dai, people immediately think of Hue

Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Phan Ngoc Tho emphasized that from the recommendations of historical researchers, cultural researchers, designers and experts, the Department of Culture and Sports has completed a key project. ‘Hue Ao Dai Festival’ needs to have its own characteristics to revive and honor the culture of Ao Dai, establish and affirm that Hue is the cradle of Vietnamese Ao Dai.

"When the festival takes place, it must gathers the designers, stylists and Ao Dai tailors to Hue in the natural space of Hue. The image of a “Festival of everyone wearing Ao Dai" must spread cultural and humanity meanings. So that, in the future, when people mention tailoring Ao Dai, they immediately think of Hue and visitin Hue to buy and tailor Ao Dai,” emphasized the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee.

Story and photos: Thai Binh