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06/03/2020 - 06:48

Preserving the fire of love

Although Hue lifestyle is so gentle, it is not synonymous with rejecting the new things. A big impression is that, recently, together with the trend of posing for photos with technology of the youngsters, the women and men in their fifty and sixty are also “refreshing” their love with the photo albums celebrating a few decades after their wedding. With them, that is a way to preserve the seasons of love.

Although “being aged”, the couples in the age of 50 - 60 still pose at ease for photos in front of the cameras

U50-60 couples also want to keep their memories

On the occasion of the 30th-year wedding anniversary, Mrs. Bich Thuy and her husband came to a studio to make a wedding photo book as a keepsake. Although it was not too fussy, the reappeared image of a gentle groom in the suit and a graceful bride in ao dai with a bunch of flowers in hand reminded them about the old day when they took a wedding photo album before getting married.

Placing the new wedding photos next to the old ones which were taken 30 years ago and newly recovered, Mrs. Bich Thuy was excited: “Over time, only our facial features have changed while our love remains the same. In this shooting time, our couple has a total 80 to 90 photos”.

Taking the 10th, 20th, or 30th year wedding anniversary photos, etc., is becoming a trend in this modern life; and over a year, the number of coupes in their fifty to sixty trying this trend is higher. Nguyen Thanh Cuong, one of the photographers specializing in shooting wedding photos, made a comparison that if in the past, almost all of the couples booking to take photoshoots were the youngsters, now, on average, I can serve from 2 to 3 couples in the age of fifty to sixty coming each month, even the more older ones also registered to take photos to commemorate their wedding anniversary.

According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam (65 years old), a person who had taken a 35th-year wedding anniversary photos, in 1990s, it was really hard and took efforts to pose, print and add each photo to an album as papers and ink were costly and technology hasn’t developed yet. The photos’ quality at that time also was not good. However, in this digital age, it’s easy to keep the wonderful marriage memories, and the taking and preserving photos; and the “counting” the seasons of love fits the trend, meeting ones’ demand in the modern life.

Age doesn’t matter in love

Unlike the sophisticated wedding photo shoots of the youngster, which are often taken in outdoor places, most of the photo shoots of “the elderly” are taken in studios with simpler backgrounds, and they use the whole time of each shooting session to pose in front of the cameras under the directions of professional photographers.

A photographer who has much experience of shooting wedding photos for middle-age couples shared that “age doesn’t matter in love” is the conception of those coming to studios. In the modern and integrated life, they claimed that rejecting new things is easy to become backward people. Therefore, different from the thoughts of many people that the older couples are usually “too rigid” when posing for photos, on the contrary, the middle-age couples look very natural in expressing their love by physical gestures from holding hands, hugging to check-kissing, etc.

Surprisingly, the natural act of those who are of 50-60 years of age is taken not only in front of the cameras, the photographers but also in front of their children. Nguyen Thanh Cuong revealed that while some older couples went to the studio alone, some others took their children with them, in which some children were over the age of thirty. They took the family photos, then their photos commemorating their wedding anniversary with the support of their children.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nguyet, living in Hue city shared: “After over 25 years of marriage, my husband and I could find out the moment similar to that of when we took wedding photos. We agreed to pose for photos in front of our children without any embarrassment, as, through our acts, we can partly educate our children to preserve the conjugal life and family love”.

When life is in comfortable circumstances, love can be expressed openly, and the way to mark, as well as to  preserve the seasons of love through the wedding anniversary photos is considered an impressive trend. The couples who have taken anniversary photos shared that if God gives them longer time to live, whenever the memorable milestones in life coming, they will keep on coming to studios to come back to the first days falling in love a few more times.

Story: Huu Phuc – Photos: Nguyen Thanh Cuong