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18/05/2021 - 06:02


Prioritizing hi-tech infrastructure projects, high technology

The Prime Minister has just given approval to the undertaking and permission to the Gilimex to start investing in the technical infrastructure project at Phu Bai Industrial Zone, stages 3 and 4. The project covers an area of 460 hectares and has a total investment of VND 2,600 billion. It opens a new window in promoting investment in infrastructure at industrial zones.

Enterprises in Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone invest in modern production lines

Increasing the occupancy rate

According to planning, there are six industrial zones, including Phu Bai, Phong Dien, Tu Ha, La Son, Phu Da and Quang Vinh. They cover an area of 2,393 hectares.

Thua Thien Hue Construction Joint Stock Company was licensed as an investor for the technical infrastructure during stages 1 and 2 in Phu Bai Industrial Zone, attracting 48 projects, reaching the occupancy rate of 98%.

The license for the technical infrastructure of the Block B and its annex within Phong Dien Industrial Zone was granted to Prime Thien Phuc Joint Stock Company. The license for 120-hectare industrial zone in La Son was given to Vitto Limited Liability Company, attracting three projects on the area of 27 hectares, in the industry of producing construction materials, and processing sand. This reached the occupancy rate of about 40%.

In addition, many technical infrastructure investors have been granted project licenses in industrial zones, but they have not started. These include the 85-hectare Phu Bai (stage 4) and the 284-hectare Phong Dien Annex, which were given to the Technical Infrastructure Joint Stock Company of the Viglacera Corporations, and Tu Ha Industrial Zone of 37.6 hectares given to Hello Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

According to the Deputy Head of the Management Board of the Provincial Economic-Industrial Zone, the objective towards 2025 is to call for investment and grant licenses for technical infrastructure projects in the industrial zones such as Phu Da, Quang Vinh, La Son and Block A of Phong Dien. The rate of industrial zones being invested in building intensive wastewater treatment plants reaches 100% and the average of occupancy rate in these zones is 50%.

It is expected that the sources for the development of the industrial and economic zones towards 2025 will be over VND 5,116 billion as part of the public investment capital in the period of 2021-2025. In this amount, the state budget is VND 2,718 billion, the provincial budget VND 257 billion, and the Government bonds or ODA, VND 2,140 billion.

For infrastructure completion and investment attraction, the Provincial People's Committee instructs the Provincial Economic and Industrial Management Board, sectors and localities to prepare the most favorable conditions and prepare infrastructure synchronously at the economic and industrial zones to welcome investors.

“The appeal for investment in the industrial zones needs the considerations for the future environment. There will be no way for projects that use old technology, have high risk of pollution and show economic ineffectiveness,” said Mr. Son.

Devotion to infrastructure

In early 2021, the Provincial Economic and Industrial Management Board granted the license to Gilimex to start the third and fourth stages of the technical infrastructure project in Phu Bai Industrial Zone on an area of 460 hectares, with the total investment of VND 2,600 billion. This is a breakthrough in the promotion and appeal for investment in 2021. It also sets the foundation for other large-scaled projects in industrial zones.

In order to speed up the project implementation, the Provincial Economic and Industrial Management Board has collaborated with the People’s Committee of Huong Thuy District to start the statistics work and site clearance compensation. It is determined to be completed in 2021 to hand over the site to the investor, as directed by the Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, Phan Ngoc Tho.

Phong Dien is another industrial zone that has been calling businesses for investment in mining and processing the quartz sand reserve of 3,800 hectares, and for investing in industrial production to support the textile industry. The Tu Ha Industrial Zone specializes in construction materials, medicines, healthcare equipment and fashion and garment. The La Son Industrial Zone focuses on wood chips and construction materials. Phu Da and Phu Bai 2 industrial zones are restricting the attraction of garment projects to reduce labor pressure for enterprises.

Investment appeal with caution

Mr. Nguyen Van Son said that the investment appeal has gained certain achievements with many projects being constructed and expanded after having licenses. The Management Board will consider the balance among industries and cut down textile and garment projects to reduce pressure on transport infrastructure and labor, at the same time calling for labor-saving industries with high technology and added values, as well as limiting projects that cause environmental pollution.

The corporations that have factories in Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Vinh Phuc are researching and surveying on constructing factories in these industrial zones. We are prioritizing in calling for hi-tech environment-friendly projects that increase the values of land use and effectively use workforce.

In particular, priority is given to projects investing in technical infrastructure of industrial zones, projects on the production of textile and garment supporting industries, electronic components, footwear and high-priced products to meet the demands of raw materials and accessories for enterprises and secure the local labor resources.

The objective for the next five years is to build green, clean and environment-friendly industrial zones with highly added values for the sake of the construction and development of Thua Thien Hue.

In the first quarter of 2021, the industrial zones have attracted three projects with the total registered capital of VND3,000 billion. This makes the number of projects reach 104 with the registered capital of more than VND24,000 billion and generates employment for 33,000 workers.

Story and photo: KHANH THU