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10/09/2017 - 08:38

Progress toward developing Chan May - Lang Co Urban Area

A project of Laguna Vietnam Co., Ltd. has been adjusted to increase investment capital from USD 876 million to 2 billion with casino business in the Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone (CM - LC EZ ).

This company has filed applications for certifications of investment in this project and is about to complete other large-scale projects on tourism, seaports and urban areas, allowing this company to build a project on developing the CM-LC urban area.

A corner of Laguna Resort in Chan May - Lang Co

Launching major projects

Located in Loc Vinh Commune (Phu Loc) and running along Canh Duong shore, a resort named Mediterraneo Resort invested by Vicoland Group will be in operation in just a few months, which is supposed to be a highlight of the CM-LC EZ and creates more tourist destinations of high quality.

With a total capital of VND 830 billion, the resort is built on an area of ​​8 hectares, including 52 vila, a five-star hotel system with a capacity of 110 bedrooms, meeting rooms, apartments, service center and entertainment complex with recreational activities fulfilling domestic and international tourists’ needs.

Deputy General Director of Vicoland Group, Mr. Ho Van Thu stated that once they finished, this would be an impressive tourism resort of a high quality, meeting tourists’ requirements. After putting the resort into operation in phase 1 (before Lunar New Year 2018), the Group continues their investments in phase 2. In the meantime, this complex will be expanded into 18 hectares with a full-service recreation area to connect and share customers among three resorts invested by Vicoland in three locations: Da Nang - Hue - Quang Binh.

Quite apart from tourism sector, many industrial manufacturing projects are also being invested in the CM-LC EZ. One One Joint Stock Co. in central region is a solid example. Already investing in a production line using Japan’s technology with a capacity of 360 tons of the well-known rice cakes per month, the company is now promoting more capital investments in manufacturing scale-up.

"After nearly 2 years of operation, the company have penetrated steady markets across the country and exported to China. In the first 8 months, nearly 25 thousand tons of products were consumed. In the near future, the company continues to make a capital investment in buying production lines needed to produce new products and keep our exports expanding to some countries in the world, " Mr. Ho The Quoc -Human Resources Manager said.

Harbor No.3 in CM Port considered as an important project meeting demands for movement of goods and passengers is currently under construction by Hao Hung Hue One-member Co., Ltd. with a total investment capital of VND 846 billion. So far, pile driving and embankment construction have been completed. Soon, the site is prepared to be concreted over with the investment of more than VND 100 billion. Harbor No.3 is expected to be fully completed and put into operation in September 2018, reducing the load on Habor No.1, and turning CM Port into an international seaport.

Laguna Lang Co Resort Complex from Canh Duong Beach view - the scenery of world-class beauty. Photo by Phan Thanh

Infrastructure completion has been prioritized

After 11 years of establishment, up to now, the CM-LC EZ has attracted 39 projects with a total registered capital of VND 40,266 billion, including urban housing, tourism and economic zone combination, and areas of non-tariff - industry- maritime services- urban industrial services- high-tech industry. Some key projects  such as Laguna Lang Co Project, Minh Vien Lang Co International Tourism Complex, Lap An Lagoon Eco-tourism Project, Sai Gon- Chan May Industrial and Non-Tariff Zone are economically efficient.

Mr. Le Van Tue - Deputy Director of Provincial Management Board of Economic- Industry Zones said: "With the goal of establishing the CM-LC urban area in a near future, the Board is promoting EZ development in a fast and sustainable way. We will invest in the infrastructure construction as well as environmental management and protection, creating an attractive environment to attract customers. In particular, projects on wastewater treatment infrastructure, harbors and roads meeting the needs of production, travel and business services of enterprises will be promoted. Currently, projects on a sewerage, and industrial wastewater treatment system and a non-tariff area with a total investment of VND 267 billion are under implementation and expected to be completed in 2018. Other key projects such as building Berth No. 2 and breakwaters in CM Port, a traffic lane to the east of Lap An Lagoon will be deployed in 2018."

According to Tue, by 2020, CM Port will have had three berths, which are suitable for transporting 6 million tons of cargoes via the port each year. The breakwater project, in particular, is an important technical infrastructure one to call for more investments in the harbor. With a total investment of VND 850 billion, the first phase of the project will be on constructing 450-meter long breakwaters and is expected to start by the end of 2017 and finish in early 2020, helping the business to prolong their port exploitation time. The breakwaters also provide stability for vessels passing through CM Port.

The Provincial Economics and Industrial Zone Management Authority has just granted construction licenses to two major projects with a total registered capital of over VND one thousand trillion, namely Harbor No. 2- CM Port and Suoi Voi Tourist Area invested by Hoa Lu Hue ​​Trade and Service Investment Co., Ltd. At the same time, four potential investors have come to explore and seek for investment opportunities in the CM-LC EZ, including JW Co. (from Korea) with investments in infrastructure and production of automobile parts, Sunjin Group- South Korea coordinating with Phuong Trang Group to invest in gasoline transportation and distribution warehouse and coach/bus assembly factory and the leading company in operating hotels, motels - Route-Inn  Japan Co., Ltd. investing in luxury hotel projects.

Story and photos: Thanh Huong