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27/09/2017 - 08:53

APEC Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy second meeting

Promoting the economic power of women

In the framework of the "APEC Vietnam 2017" activities, on 26/9, in Hue City, 21 representatives of APEC economies attended the Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy second meeting (PPWE 2).

Through the meeting, the relationship of the APEC economic and political group delegates is further deepened

Sharing precious experience

The forum this year focused under the theme "Enhancement of integration and economic power of women in a changing world" as well as three priorities: Promoting gender equality for inclusive economic growth; enhancing the competitiveness and creativity of micro, small and medium enterprises owned by women; and bridging the gender gap in human resource development. There were many proposals for initiatives to contribute to the APEC Women and the Economy 2017 Forum in particular and APEC Vietnam 2017 in general.

Sharing more on this issue, Natalia Strigunova, delegate of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development expressed gratitude towards Vietnam for enthusiastically organizing this meeting. “The event is a place to contribute valuable experiences from new projects from the partners and the economies of the world. I hope the meeting will be a brilliant success.”

Diana Catur Rini, a delegate from Indonesia, said: "From this meeting, we have gathered a lot of information from developed economies on gender equality and learning from experience. We have also exchanged the achievements we have achieved, as well as the plans and policies that we plan to do in the future. Compared to previous meetings, this meeting addressed more specific policies. I think that is better and improved compared to the previous one. "

"At this meeting, in addition to the main content, we also had the chance for cultural exchange with delegates from the APEC economies. PPWE 2 also shows a greater emphasis on women's economic viability, women's capacity and narrowing gender gaps," said Eun Jeung, a South Korean delegate.

Delegates from the 21 APEC economies updated their implementation progress and proposed the next step for the implementation of the PPWE Strategic Plan (Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy) period 2015-2015. They also promoted closer cooperation among APEC economies and working groups in implementing the joint initiatives and in implementing the rules and standards of the Fund for Women and the Economy of APEC. The delegates also completed and adopted guidelines, mainstreaming gender in APEC as well as agreed on the statement to submit the Ministerial Declaration to the High-Level Policy Dialogue.

The delegates discussing on the sidelines of the conference

Going through a joint declaration on women and the economy

Dao Hong Lan, Deputy Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, affirmed that the theme of the conference was in line with the key priorities identified at the APEC Women and the Economy Forums in recent years and in line with the practical situation and development trend in the area. The Ministerial Statement on Women and the Economy will be adopted at this session. This joint statement will provide policy recommendations to 21 APEC member economies on the three major priorities for 2017 on women and the economy. This Declaration will then be submitted to APEC leaders at the November 2017 Summit in Da Nang. Hopefully, Vietnam's initiatives on the "Guidance on gender mainstreaming in APEC" will be unanimously adopted by the economies.

"Involvement of a large body of delegates from governments and the private sector at key events and on the sidelines will contribute to a more cohesive partnership between the public and the private sector. The private sector has the opportunity to express and share the difficulties, challenges, proposals, and aspirations to the government. At the same time, this is also an opportunity for governments of APEC economies to listen to the private sector's interests and aspirations, and together with the private sector, to discuss how to dismantle problems and enhance the economic power of women. The Forum will also provide opportunities for promotion of investment and empowerment for Vietnam; contributing to the promotion of culture, people and tourism in Vietnam through the successful organization, ethnic culture, cuisine and tourism," said Dao Hong Lan.

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