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17/04/2018 - 09:55

Promoting the value of Hue garden houses

After two years implementing the funding project "Preserving and promoting the distinctive values of Hue Garden houses," many garden houses in Hue City have started to attract visitors to experience the space and savor its culinary delights.

Thanks to the funding scheme, garden houses in Thuy Bieu are attracting tourists to visit and enjoy cuisines.

A new look

Over more than a century, Hoang Xuan Bac garden house encompassing an area of ​​1,720 sq m in Kim Long ward had been severely dilapidated. The large area of ​​the house entailed a high renovation cost, making it hard for the family owner to afford the expenses.

At the end of 2016, 500 million VND from the funding project enabled the family to restore and upgrade the entire complex of the garden house, including the ancient wooden house nha ruong, tile flooring, house painting, garden renovating and tree planting.

The owner of Hoang Xuan Bac garden house, Mr. Hoang Xuan Tiep, said that following the investment for upgradation, the house was then completed, much more spacious and cleaner than before, so there had been an increase in the number of the visitors who came to experience food services. In addition to the 500 million VND from the funding project, the family invested an additional amount of 200 million VND to design a culinary area closely linked with the garden house space. 

Similarly, seven months after the funding scheme, the over-100-year-old Ho Van Binh garden house at 26 Pham Thi Lien, covering an area of ​​1,500 sq m, seems more appealing with its new, spacious and neat look. Using a total funding of 600 million VND, the Management and Preservation board of Hue garden houses in cooperation with the family owner has restored degraded and damaged parts of the house. Simultaneously, a new system of doors has been installed, and garden renewed.

Following the 600-million fund from the project "Garden houses funding scheme," the garden of Mr. Ho Van Binh was renovated and planted green trees.

Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Kim Long Ward - Mr. Mai Cong Khanh said, 15 garden houses in the ward had been included in the restoration scheme; five of them received funding from the project on policies to support the protection and promotion of Hue garden houses. In 2018, the Ward People's Committee will conduct surveys and encourage the other garden houses to participate in the scheme, enticing more tourists to the sites and diversifying the types of cultural and historical relics in Hue.

Maintaining the fund

According to the Management and Preservation board of Hue garden houses, three levels of fund will be applied to those participating in the restoration scheme. The capital to support first-class, second-class, and third-class garden houses does not exceed 700, 500, and 400 million VND respectively.

The funding scheme also covers the maintenance cost of the garden view, purchasing seedlings, land tax, commercial sightseeing tours, new construction of toilets, theaters, and guest bedrooms.

According to the People's Committee of Hue city, this area is home to about 100 garden houses, of which, 25 are participants of the funding scheme. After two years of implementation, nine houses were renovated using a total funding of approximately 6 billion VND, of which 2.5 billion has been fully disbursed to the family owners.

Currently, the Management and Preservation board of Hue garden houses has just allocated 50% of the construction and restoration costs; the rest of which will be paid after all the paperwork is completed in accordance with the State’s prescription. 

In 2018, the project continued to sponsor the restoration of three garden houses in Thuy Bieu Ward, while continuing to look for and increase the number of garden houses in need of renovation, from 25 to 40 houses to accommodate the rising tourist demands in visiting the gardens and experiencing local cuisines.

Thanks to the restoration scheme, these garden houses have lived up to its value and seen a surge in the number of visitors. Revenue from services has also risen, just as the primary goals of the funding project.

According to Mr. Tran Song, Vice Chairman of Hue City People’s Committee and Head of Management and Preservation Board of Hue garden houses, this year, the People’s Committee of the city will continue to support the preservation of 25-40 typical garden houses, while initiating new tours and upgrading available ones for visitors to experience garden houses. 

Along with the project, the Board will also investigate the development of souvenir products for Hue garden houses to exploit and promote the economic values of these gardens.

Story and photos: Khanh Thu