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11/04/2020 - 07:24

Pure melody of changing season

People are so scared and worried about the pandemic that they seem not to notice that Hue is singing its pure sweet melody of the changing season.

Hue is peaceful in an early morning. Photo: Nong Thanh Toan

It is no need to wait until autumn comes in the former capital city. In early March, Hue is so beautiful with mellow days. It is as if we were “tasting” unforgettable flavors somewhere; as if we were “drinking” and getting “drunk” with the sun as yellow and sweet as honey. We immerse ourselves in breezes in the soaring blue and clear sky. 

Now and then, Hue nestles to let us ponder the clouds which are passing by. More than a month of worries about the pandemic, Hue’s breath seems slower than usual.

Deep inside, Hue is still poetic with every corner covered with gorgeous colors. Quiet and thoughtful as it is, Hue is now even softer and more peaceful than ever.

Hue is changing. Hue is living a slower, deeper and more thoughtful life. These days, we don’t see the hustle and bustle, neither can we hear the Hue accent from the familiar peddler crying his wares, neither the fuss from sidewalk cafes. 

Even on these days, the former capital city is still beautiful as if to comfort people. Its shady streets and pure air are still intact. 

Quoc Hoc High School now lacks the talking and laughing of students. No more ao dai floating with breezes in the schoolyard filled with sunlight. But the school itself can still paint in visitors’ minds an unforgettable painting.

The school tiled roof is still red, as red as the belief waiting to glow in people’s minds. Beautiful cherry blossoms in the schoolyard are in full bloom despite the changing world. 

Hue is still beautiful in every corner.

We love Hue. We love the sky and the land there. We love both ancient and little modest things. In front of the challenges of the pandemic, we forever stand together and belong to each other; we save the greatest love for each other.

Hue people have experienced busy days with tiring work. It is alright to give ourselves some rest, isn’t it? For such a long time we haven’t had much time to come back home. The meals we enjoy with our beloved ones were numbered. Staying home with our family is nice, isn’t it?

For a long time we haven’t got a really sound sleep. We had to get up even when the sun hadn’t entered the room through the window yet. Now we can have a leisurely breakfast. We can sip coffee at home or lie in the sofa watching a movie or reading newspapers without thinking about time.

Life keeps fully going on. The wheel of time keeps turning. Everything keeps flourishing. Flower seasons come one by one, then comes the season of falling leaves as a matter of course.

Rain comes then goes; the sun drops by then says goodbye; storms arise then disappear behind the sun. And so do we. We will be strong despite the hard beginning of the year 2020. What we need is keeping calm, being of one mind, and having faith.