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13/09/2022 - 08:30

Purple flamboyants blooming in Hue 

In the early autumn days, some purple flamboyant trees bloom on the streets and parks, giving passers-by a sense of pleasure. While purple flamboyants in Da Lat thrive and flower after the Lunar New Year days; Hue purple flamboyants, around July-August or September, depending on each tree.

Space for exercises in Kim Long is different from itself in normal days

In the park in front of Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Street (Kim Long Ward, Hue City), the slender purple flamboyant tree about 5m high attracts a lot of attention from tourists and pedestrians thanks to its Hue-purple flowers.

Purple flamboyant is associated with Da Lat, grown since the 70s of the previous century. Purple flamboyant belongs to Bignoniaceae family. According to an article published in Thua Thien Hue Newspaper by Do Xuan Cam, a green expert, this plant likes light, grows best on loose, well-drained soil, moist but not waterlogged. Together with red flamboyant and yellow flamboyant, purple flamboyant contributes more colors to the green tree system of the ancient capital.

Along the banks of the Perfume River, the area in front of Nguyen Phuc Nguyen street has about 20 purple flamboyant trees. Before that, the National Assembly Delegation of Lam Dong province gave Hue several dozen 1.5m high purple flamboyant trees; they have been taken care of, then put out for mass planting. However, due to the harsh weather conditions in Hue, this plant has difficulty in growing. Some trees died in the floods two years ago.

Mr. Dang Ngoc Quy, Deputy Director of Hue Green Park Center, said that the center's nursery, located in Thuy Xuan ward (Hue City), is currently continuing to care for and preserve purple flamboyanttrees with a trunk diameter of 25-20cm. Although the purple flamboyant trees have been grown in some places, the plants grow slowly with few flowers. The purple flamboyant tree in Dong Ba Ward People's Committee on Huynh Thuc Khang Street (Hue City) is the largest one in Hue.

“On Nguyen Truong To Street, there are about 4 purple flamboyant trees belonging to the group of trees brought back from Da Lat nearly 20 years ago, but they are quite stunted. No one understand why the tree on Huynh Thuc Khang Street grows well and flowers a lot even though it is located in the office premises,” Mr. Quy said.

In Hue, some groups of purple flamboyant lovers have bought seeds to plant in the garden, and some trees have given first flowers. A family said that taking care of this tree is not too complicated, but because of its beautiful and strange flower color, passersby often pick it up, which affecting the growth of the tree.

Together with Thua Thien Hue Online, let you admire the beauty of purple flamboyant trees in public places, in headquarters and home gardens:

Purple flamboyant tree blooming after several years of planting in the park

With the color of flower matching the color of Hue, these flowers are rare because each plant just blooms a few flowers

Early in the morning or late in the afternoon, people come to contemplate the flowers and take photos

The purple color of flamboyant in Hue is not dark, but it still brings excitement and strangeness

A "lonely" 3m-high purple flamboyant tree blooms sparsely, located near the banks of the Perfume River

The campus of Dong Ba Ward People's Committee is painted with purple flowers

A favorite space to contemplate the flowers and to relax and check-in of the staff at the office

A purple flamboyant tree in the house inside the Citadel

Another well growing flamboyant tree locates in the garden of Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh, on Pham Tu Street (Hue City).

By Tue Ninh - Phan Thang