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08/11/2021 - 08:09

Quick photo composition contest - A new playground for photography enthusiasts

"HUEFOTOur 2021" quick photo composition contest, which was held in Hue for the first time, is not only a playground for the photography enthusiast community, but also an opportunity for photographers to promote tourism and images of Hue to domestic and international visitors.

"Thanh Tien paper flowers - Tet holiday of the childhood", by Phan Van Trung, won the first prize

“HUEFOTOur 2021” is similar to the “Canon Photo Marathon” contest, held in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Within a single day, the contestants take photos; then, the jury grades the photos and awards prizes.

“As far as I know, there are many young professionals and amateurs who are passionate about photography in Hue. So, I created this playground with the main aim to satisfy their passion. Further, it is aimed to introduce and promote the beauty of Hue to friends and visitors near and far via those photos," shared Mr. Ngo Phuoc Tuan, Head of the Organizing Board of "HUEFOTOur 2021", a young man in Hue who set up this playground.

Though the contest took place in only one day in mid-October weekend, it had immediately attracted many people to register before. On the day of the contest, the organizing board offered two topics for the contestants to “hunt” for photos. Many of them were determined to win the prizes, while some other photographers thought that it was an experience, where they could meet and share their passion for photography.

During the contest, the contestants had only three-hour time limit since they received their topics. Therefore, they had to think, set up ideas, and roam around to find out the right photo angles to shoot, and then send their photos to the organizing board.

"The young seeks knowledge, the old seeks technology", by Do Hoang Quan, won the first prize

Many contestants participating in the contest for the first time were "exhausted", but they also admitted that they were very interested in the contest. Bui Truong, a young photographer, said that this was a new and interesting contest. The topics given by the organizing board were very good and associated with Hue.

“I spent a day wandering around the city of Hue. I had a chance to shoot good photos from the suggestions of the organizing board’s topics, meet many people with the same interests, and share with them about cameras and shooting techniques," Truong said and boasted that he had taken more than 200 photos, though he only sent one shot for one topic to the contest.

Just like Truong, the young photographer Hoai Nhan spent a day going around many places to shoot photos, although he did not win the contest.

“As the contest took place on an autumn Sunday, with beautiful sunlight, I had a day of wandering, and watching peaceful and gentle Hue. The images and moments of everyday life seem simple, but when they are viewed via camera lens, the very unique rhythm of Hue's life is exposed, and it is unmistakable," Nhan excitedly said, and hoped that there would be many similar contests where he could be able to experience and promote Hue via photos.

Tran Dinh Duc Hieu, a photographer specializing in aerial photography chose Phuoc Tich ancient village (Phong Dien District) to capture some moments of the ancient village, which is surrounded by the beautiful O Lau River. For Hieu, beyond that contest, it is also a stimulus, which creates the excitement to go, to discover, and to better understand about the land where he is living.

The first contest has two first prizes, which are the photographic work "Thanh Tien paper flowers - Tet holiday of the childhood" by contestant Phan Van Trung, and the photographic work "The young seeks knowledge, the old seeks technology" by contestant Do Hoang Quan. Besides, the organizing board has also presented many other prizes.

On the role of a judge for the "HUEFOTOur 2021" contest, Ngo Quang Phuc, the photographer, assessed that the contest with the form of quick photo composition had created new things. Many submitted photographic works showed their creativity, which were close to the topics, with interesting perspective. Although there were not really many excellent photos, this would be the premise for the form of quick photo composition contest in Hue.

In another point of view, the journalist and photographer Thuan Thang (from Ho Chi Minh City), who judged the photos online, said that among the entries, there were many photos bearing the breath of life. "In spite of the number of photos submitted for the contest (this year) was not much; if the contest continues to be held in the coming years, the quality and quantity of photos will certainly be improved," said Thuan Thang.

Mr. Ngo Phuoc Tuan said that the contest took place in one day and was divided into two topics for the morning and the afternoon. Within that limit of time, the organizing board received registration information of more than 50 contestants with nearly 90 entries very quickly, which was just compatible with the spirit of the contest's name.

Tuan added that it was the first time of the contest, the preparations were urgent, while in the context of the pandemic, all activities were held entirely online. However, the organizing board had tried to bring to Hue photography community a new and attractive playground.

Story and photos: NHAT MINH