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10/09/2020 - 07:47

Quiet early morning by the side of Thien An Hill

Waking up, breathing fresh air, and watching Thien An in the early sunlight, you will find a peaceful and quiet Hue. To be immersed in such a dreaming space, the homestays or hostels are an option not to be missed, and NaNo Eco - Hostel can be one suggestion.

A crystal blue water swimming pool

In the middle of the summer, with no foreign guests (before the resurgence of COVID-19), we rent the whole NaNo Eco - Hostel to hold our class meeting to celebrate the 15th anniversary of graduation, and also to have a space for singing and dancing without affecting anyone.

From the center of Hue City, after the gratitude party to our teachers, we left Duy Tan Hotel and went along Hung Vuong Street by taxi, turned right to Nguyen Hue Street, then went up Dien Bien Phu Street, passed the Nam Giao Esplanade, and then headed straight towards Minh Mang Street.

Along the road on the right hand, at An Viet Village, there is a sign directing to NaNo Eco - Hostel. If you are not good at finding the road, just open the Google Map, you will easily find out this place.

Turn left at the end of the road running through An Viet Village, you will meet NaNo Eco-Hostel designed with two beautiful floors in modern architecture, but still bearing nostalgic, delicate and cozy features.

A dreaming view towards Thien An Hill

My friends checked in, though four to six people stayed in one room, everyone was excited and screamed when they saw the two-story beds like the ones in the dormitory from the student time. The only difference is that the room is more convenient, with air conditioner, bed mattresses, blankets in dark blue color tone, well matching with the elegant gray wall, as well as the clean and tidy toilet.

That was also the reason why I decided to stay over night even though my house was not too far away, and the other reason was that my children insisted on sleeping one night in the bunk bed to experience new feelings.

If you want your meal served at the hostel, you can order it in advance with the lady owner. If you want to eat unique Hue dishes, you can buy and bring them along. Or, you can go to An Viet Village restaurant, which is right next to the hostel; it serves many dishes that you will definitely miss when leaving Hue, including the unique and tasty termite mushroom sticky rice, Vietnamese chicken steamed with onions, or grilled chicken also that goes best with beer…

In the morning, you will be served with coffee, and Hue beef noodle soup. If you were over drunk the night before, you will be provided with a glass of healthy pure juice, then have breakfast with homemade coconut filling cake, which is fragrant and less sweet, and have dessert with yogurt also made by the lady owner…

Another highlight of the hostel is its swimming pool, which is small but very clean. The hostel is located on the high hill and has few guests due to the impact of the epidemic earlier this year. However, by the time we arrived, the lovely little lady owner had filled the swimming pool with water, and prepared clean rooms, tables and chairs, cups and dishes ready to serve guests. That thoughtfulness along with the dreaming space by the side of Thien An Hill gave us a complete night of joy.

We sung, played fun games from the student time, and cheered all night without affecting the surroundings. Our friends living far away said that the organizers had chosen a place that nowhere else could be more wonderful; it was private, romantic, and thoughtful. Therefore, they also requested the organizers to make reservations for upcoming gatherings.

It is obviously that all of my friends have happy memories when coming to Hue and staying there. My kids and I also have unforgettable experiences in the bunk-bed hostel.

If you also want to have experiences like that and more, visit our Hue. Hue always ready to welcome guests with the greatest joy!

Story and photos: HONG TAM